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Storytellers brought everyone together, and stories are what keep us connected. They stand the test of time and remind us of the special moments in our lives so that they never fade from our minds.

We at Hidden Beats think of ourselves as Storytellers. You can count on us to immortalize the moment for you with words, images, and videos so you can share your experiences and never forget a single detail. We’ll freeze your moment in time so, even years from now, you’ll recall everything in perfect clarity.

Established in 2014, Hidden Beats has grown and evolved into a top independent entertainment media source headquartered in Canada’s national capital region. Our team is composed of some of the best young and talented professionals out there.


We have coverage across Canada and the US, which means there is countless option to get your fix to be it a photoshoot for your band or live coverage of your show. We also bring you amazing interviews with musicians and industry leaders both well-established and up-and-coming. Our goal is to tell a story and bring a little piece of the world to your front door. A picture speaks a thousand words they always say, and we bring you the small details, so you don’t miss out.

Our team includes industry professionals, including photographers, videographers, web developers, audio producers, and even live event hosting and management personnel. Our professional crew can handle any scenario you can throw at us. We work hard to cultivate relationships with businesses and venues around the city to help make an impact and ensure we always have the resources we need to do our job.

We are specialists, and we take pride in making visions come to life.

Let us create a piece that shows the whole picture and brings the small details into focus, so you can enjoy your moment.

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