The Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg transformed into a haven for music enthusiasts on a recent evening, as the stage played host to an unforgettable concert headlined by Boy Golden. The night promised a dynamic blend of genres, with Kris Ulrich and Fontine setting the stage on fire as the opening acts. From the first strum of the guitar to the final note, the audience was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, immersed in a musical journey that left a lasting imprint.


Kris Ulrich

The evening began with the soulful tunes of Kris Ulrich, whose acoustic performance captivated the audience from the first chord. Ulrich’s raw and emotive vocals, combined with his masterful guitar skills, set the perfect tone for the night ahead. The intimate setting of the Burton Cummings Theatre allowed the audience to connect with Ulrich’s heartfelt lyrics, creating a sense of intimacy that is often elusive in larger venues.


Ulrich’s ability to seamlessly blend folk, blues, and a touch of indie-rock created a unique sonic experience. The audience was left craving more as Ulrich graciously exited the stage, leaving an indelible mark with his soul-stirring performance.



Following Kris Ulrich, Fontine took the stage with an infectious energy that electrified the venue. The band’s eclectic fusion of indie-pop and rock brought a fresh and dynamic vibe to the night. Fontine’s commanded the stage with a magnetic presence, engaging the audience with every lyric. Fontine’s setlist was a diverse mix of anthems and ballads, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. Fontine succeeded in not only warming up the crowd but also in leaving an indelible mark with their spirited performance, making them a worthy precursor to the main event.


Boy Golden

As the anticipation reached its peak, Boy Golden stepped into the spotlight, greeted by thunderous applause from an eager audience. The band’s charismatic frontman immediately connected with the crowd, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of musical mastery.

Boy Golden’s genre-defying sound created a sonic landscape that is uniquely their own. The band’s musicianship was on full display as they effortlessly navigated intricate arrangements and delivered powerful performances. The chemistry among band members was evident, creating a tight-knit musical unit that elevated their live performance.


The setlist was a well-curated journey through Boy Golden’s discography. The band’s ability to balance energetic anthems with soulful ballads showcased the depth and range of their musical prowess. Each song was a testament to Boy Golden’s storytelling ability, with lyrics that resonated with the audience on a personal level. The stage production added another layer to the performance, with dynamic lighting and visuals enhancing the overall atmosphere. The Burton Cummings Theatre became a canvas for Boy Golden’s musical expression, and the audience was fully immersed in the experience.


The encore was a climax of the night, with Boy Golden returning to the stage for a rousing finale. The crowd, now a sea of enthusiastic fans, sang along to every word, creating a sense of unity and shared joy. As the final chords resonated through the venue, it was clear that Boy Golden had delivered a performance that would be etched into the memories of everyone present. Boy Golden’s performance was nothing short of a revelation, showcasing not only their musical talent but also their ability to create a connection with the audience. The night was a celebration of diverse sounds, compelling narratives, and the magic that happens when talented musicians take the stage. As the lights dimmed and the echoes of the final chord faded away, the audience left the Burton Cummings Theatre with a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of live music.


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