The 2023 Burt Block Party kicked off on Friday, August 11th with a fantastic lineup of Canadian artists including locals Paige Drobot and Novillero. They were followed by Stars from Montreal with The Strumbellas headlining the evening. This is the third year of the Burt Block Party, known for its exhilarating lineup of musical talents. The event, held in downtown Winnipeg outside the legendary Burton Cummings Theatre, showcased an array of performances that had the crowd dancing, singing, and basking in the magic of live music.

Paige Drobot

The night began with an enchanting performance by the opener, Paige Drobot. The evening sun lit the stage as Drobot’s guitar shredding capturing the audience’s attention from the very first note. Back by bass and drums, her trio kicked off a rockin’ night at the block party.



Following Paige Drobot, Novillero took the stage with their high-energy set. The Canadian indie rock band wasted no time in unleashing their dynamic sound, instantly engaging the audience with their infectious rhythms and catchy hooks. Novillero’s vibrant stage presence and seamless interaction with the crowd created an electric atmosphere. The band’s unique blend of indie and alternative rock had concert-goers dancing, and turning downtown Winnipeg into a party.



As the night deepened, Stars graced the stage, casting a spell with their ethereal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The indie pop band’s performance was nothing short of magical, with their harmonies resonating through the night air. Their setlist included a mix of nostalgic favorites and newer tracks, catering to both dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Stars’ ability to seamlessly combine introspective lyrics with captivating melodies left the audience captivated, lost in the beauty of the music.


The Strumbellas

The climax of the evening arrived with the much-anticipated headliner, The Strumbellas. The Canadian folk-pop powerhouse commanded the stage with their signature blend of folk, rock, and pop music. From the moment they started playing, it was evident that this was a performance that folks wouldn’t soon forget. The Strumbellas’ charismatic lead vocalist led the charge, belting out emotionally charged lyrics that struck a chord with the audience’s hearts.


The band’s well-crafted setlist encompassed a mix of foot-stomping anthems and introspective ballads, creating a rollercoaster of emotions that kept the crowd hooked from start to finish. The infectious energy emanating from the stage was mirrored by the crowd’s enthusiastic response, as concert-goers sang along to every word and danced with wild abandon.


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