As the Burt Block Party continued to sweep through the summer nights, August 18th brought a sensational country-themed lineup that had fans donning their cowboy boots and ready to two-step the night away. Headlined by the charismatic Brett Kissel, the evening featured an ensemble of country music’s finest, including the James Barker Band, Petric, and a talented array of openers: Kendra Kay, Jason Kirkness, and Daniel Desorcy. This night was a musical journey through the heart of country, captivating audiences with melodic tales of life, love, and everything in between.


Daniel Desorcy / Jason Kirkness / Kendra Kay

The country revelry began with a trio of captivating openers who set the stage ablaze. Daniel Desorcy brought a touch of acoustic magic and showcased his skillful guitar work and evocative lyrics while Jason Kirkness followed with heartfelt ballads and foot-stomping anthems that had the crowd singing along. Kendra Kay’s rich and soulful voice took center stage as she regaled the audience with stories of heartache and triumph, her melodies resonating with both seasoned country fans and newcomers alike.



As the evening continued to unfold, Petric took the stage with their dynamic blend of contemporary country sounds. The band’s harmonious vocals and vibrant instrumentals resonated through the night air, captivating attendees with their catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. Petric’s engaging stage presence and undeniable chemistry were contagious, spreading a wave of enthusiasm throughout the crowd. Their performance had the audience dancing and singing along, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. Petric’s set was a testament to their ability to seamlessly weave storytelling with a modern country edge, capturing the essence of life’s highs and lows in their music.


James Barker Band

As the sun set, the James Barker Band took the stage with their infectious energy and undeniable charm. The band’s blend of pop-infused country melodies had fans swaying and clapping to the rhythm. Their performance was a dynamic showcase of their diverse musical influences, seamlessly transitioning between heartfelt ballads and upbeat tracks that had the crowd on their feet.


Their songs showcased the band’s knack for crafting relatable and catchy tunes. Charismatic frontman, James Barker himself, engaged the audience with stories behind their songs, forging a connection that resonated throughout the night. Their performance was a perfect blend of country storytelling and modern sensibilities, leaving an indelible mark on the Burt Block Party stage.


Brett Kissel

The night reached its crescendo with the headlining act, Brett Kissel, taking the stage with an undeniable presence that only a true country superstar possesses. As the spotlight illuminated his magnetic smile, the crowd erupted into cheers of anticipation. Kissel’s set was a masterclass in showmanship, with his smooth vocals and magnetic energy captivating every corner of the venue.


From the moment he launched into his set, the crowd was under his spell. His songs had the audience singing along with passion and enthusiasm. Brett’s ability to engage the crowd in a genuine and heartfelt manner created an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie, turning the concert into a shared experience of love for music and the country way of life.


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