The final night of the 2023 Burt Block Party ended with an explosive lineup that left concertgoers buzzing with excitement. Headlined by the legendary Cheap Trick, supported by Trooper, and kicked off by the sensational The Baileys, the final night was a rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza that showcased the timeless appeal of these iconic bands.


The Haileys

The night began on a high note with local rockers, The Haileys – the self-described all female, all Hailey band. They brought an electrifying opening set that immediately set the tone for an unforgettable evening. With their infectious energy and rock-infused sound, the band demonstrated their undeniable potential to be future rock stars. As they performed their original tracks, such as “Wildfire” and “Break the Chains,” warming up the crowd for a great evening of music.


Lead vocalist Haley Turner’s powerful voice and dynamic stage presence were truly captivating, drawing concertgoers in and leaving them hungry for more. The Haileys’ performance showcased their ability to blend contemporary rock elements with classic influences, ensuring that they are a band to watch out for in the years to come.



Canadian rockers Trooper proved that they still know how to deliver a memorable performance, infusing the final night of the Burt Block Party with a dynamic mix of classic rock hits and contagious energy. Their setlist was a journey through time, with anthems like “Raise a Little Hell” and “We’re Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)” inspiring sing-alongs and raising the party atmosphere to new heights.


Frontman Ra McGuire’s charismatic stage presence had the audience hooked, and the band’s tight musicianship showcased their enduring dedication to their craft. Trooper’s performance was a reminder of the unifying power of music, as concertgoers of all ages came together to revel in the nostalgia and celebrate the timeless tunes that continue to inspire generations.


Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick didn’t allow us to photograph their set so we didn’t stick around to review their show.

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