It’s unquestionable that Greta Van Fleet has a certain Zeppelin-esk resemblance in their music. As soon as they hit the stage (incase you weren’t sure yet) their appearance reminds you a second time. But, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it really well. GVF hit the stage hard with their opening song Built by Nations. Lead singer Josh Kiszka’s soaring vocals left little to be known about his prowess. He new what the audience wanted to hear and he gave it all to them. Strutting around stage in a sequinned jumpsuit, he had the woo-girls screaming throughout the show. During a drum solo that came surprisingly early in the set, Kiszka even came down to the barricade to be carried on his security’s shoulders, handing out flowers to all the swooning girls lining the front row.


The show opened with southern blues/rock guitarist Hannah Wicklund, who shredded through a short but stellar set. She was followed by The Pretty Reckless, out of New York, fronted by former child actress Taylor Momsen who was doing her best to shed her Gossup Girl / Grinch Who Stole Christmas previous life. Though sometimes overpowered by her band, Momsen held her own with her powerful voice and stage dramatics. 

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