I get a kick out of Steve Hofstetter’s YouTube clips. He films all of his shows, and he’s become well known for his takedowns of audience hecklers. Since my brain runs somewhat like the YouTube algorithm, I figured that if I liked a couple videos, I probably want to see a lot more. So off to the Park Theatre I went on a Sunday evening for a comedy show.


Opening Comedians

The show kicked off with a short intro from Steve. He’s on tour with three other comedians so he kept things moving to bring out the openers. First up was Eban Parker who struggled from the get-go to bring the audience along with his jokes. Despite his best efforts, the audience wasn’t into it so it was good that he only had a five minute set. Up next was Jon Bander who took the always safe route of self-deprecating jokes. Jarret Berenstein was up third discussing the trials and tribulations of his multiple chronic illnesses. It’s a tough life but at least he can laugh at himself.


Steve Hofstetter

You can tell a headliner, if nothing else than by the way they present themselves. While the three openers looked like they may have stumbled onto the stage while they were out picking up a sub for dinner, Hofstetter was looking sharp in bright-coloured suit. That look definitely translated into his confidence on stage. Despite advising us that he was presenting new material, some for the first time, I doubt the audience would have known if he hadn’t said. Hofstetters ability to tie together ideas and make his points in both an eloquent but still funny way, is rare among comedians. 


No doubt, Hofstetter isn’t for everyone. He draws a line in the sand and then spends an hour telling you why your on the wrong side of the line. He is unabashedly progressive and left wing and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had WOKE tattooed across his chest. I’m sure he wears that faux-slur as a badge of honour. 


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