Touring in support of their latest album Explosions, Three Days Grace hit the stage at the Burton Cummings Theatre on Thursday night after two great sets from openers The Standstills and The Warning. Even 20 years after their debut, TDG still brings a powerful show with high energy and great lighting & video production. Taking to the stage to the chants of the packed house, the band kicked off with So Called Life, rocking the theatre into a frenzy. Lead singer Barry Stock kept the energy high throughout the show while bassist Brad Walst flicked picks into the audience and guitarist Matt Walst blew everyone away with his shredding. Drummer Neil Sanderson towered over the band with his monster drum kit and impressive chops. The band did mellow out for a couple songs later in the now, but brought back the energy to close it all out, finishing with rockers Never Too Late and Riot.  

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