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A Night Well Spent with 5 Seconds of Summer and Meet Me @ The Altar

5SOS and Meet Me @ The Altar filled the streets of Philadelphia as swarms of fans entered into The TD Pavillion at the Mann. Unique and creative outfits were seen throughout the sea of fans! 5SOS made their presence known and Philly was happy to have them!

Meet Me @ The Altar Heats Up The Crowd

Meet Me @ The Altar opened up the night with rockstar attitudes and unique style. The band showed an immense amount of energy, grabbing the crowd’s attention every moment. MMATA performed their hit songs as well as cover songs by Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Jonas Brothers. Lead singer Edith Victoria thanks the crowd generously for being so supporting and expressed how the band loves to meet their supporters. MMATA ended off their set with their song ‘Kool,’ which had fans screaming and dancing! 5SOS picked an incredible band to start off the night with! 

A Summer Night with 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer started their set off by displaying their silhouette figures in front of their 5SOS backdrop. ‘Bad Decisions’ by Bad Omens played as the anticipation grew and fans knew it was time. The curtain dropped and the fans went insane! Supporters drove states away to see 5SOS. Tears were flowing, confetti was flying, and the powerful performance of 5SOS brought everyone in the crowd together. 5SOS played a wide variety of songs, including a cover song from The Chainsmokers. 5SOS picked a perfect setlist, covering older songs dating back to 2014 and their newest songs as well. Drummer Ashton Irwin even got into a drum battle at one point! The artists of 5SOS created a very fun, and energetic environment for supporters to enjoy the night! Join 5SOS on ‘The 5 Seconds of Summer Show,’ you will have the night of your life!

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