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Story Tellers are what first brought us together and stories are what keep us connected. Story tellers like us help you connect. Stories stand the test of time and help you remember a special moment.

We are Story Tellers. We want to be the ones you count on to immortalize your moment for you. Our studio brings your story to you through words, images, and videos, so you can experience a world more connected than ever before.

You name it we can capture it. We have a professional crew that is able to handle any scenario you can throw at us. We work hard to develop and cultivate relationships with businesses and venues around the city to help make a larger impact.

Let us create a piece that shows the whole picture while focusing on all the small detail’s so you don’t have to.

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As a way to stay deeply connected with the local music scene we have partnered with the best Promotion agency in Ottawa. The Diamond Mine Agency is well known for bringing some of the best shows to town.

We here at Hidden Beats help with these events by providing added event management as well as extended media coverage.

Contact us for more info.

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We finally have some new events lined up! Our partner The Diamond Mine Agency is proud to bring you the follow in a completely Covid safe manner! Link the picture for event info!

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