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A Moment With JAWNY
Ahead of his much anticipated first full length album “It’s Never Fair, Always True”, Hidden Beats had the opportunity to spend A Moment with JAWNY.

Ahead of his much anticipated first full-length album “It’s Never Fair, Always True”, Hidden Beats had the opportunity to spend A Moment with JAWNY.

From Humble Beginnings

Far from his days managing a pizzeria -and yes, given his “love is love” approach to life, JAWNY is fully on board with pineapple on pizza- JAWNY has taken the world by storm with his humble approach to music. With songs spanning genres from disco to lo-fi hip-hop to slacker pop-rock, JAWNY takes inspiration from everything the universe gives him.

Behind The Process

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“I can fake a song into existence if I’m sitting there, playing the piano or guitar. I can just keep forcing melodies out of me until something makes sense… But then there are times when words, or a word, or even lines come before there’s any music at all… And there’s an additional thing where I have no inspiration at all, and not even thinking about writing a song… and a song will just speak to me.”

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Change And Growth

When it comes to how his sound -in all facets- has changed from “For Abby” to “The Story of Hugo” to the current release “It’s Never Fair, Always True”, JAWNY was open and honest about his music, and his life, is fluid with how it changes. “17,000 songs are released every day, and I’m always hearing new genres, and that would be weird to not acknowledge that that has had some form of effect on me”. Regarding the actual sound of his new music, JAWNY recognizes that the physical resources available to him now let him make the album he just wouldn’t be able to as an 18-year-old when he was starting out.

“Do What You Want To Do”

It’s not just his motto and way of life, it’s also his biggest advice to others when it comes to music. “Who cares what people think about you!” JAWNY proclaims, “I mean it in a music sense… In my experience with music -but it could really apply to anything- whatever you’re making, the things that you’re making, you should make it for yourself first. As much as I appreciate everyone and all of my supporters -and I hate saying that word- I can admit that I’m not thinking of anyone at first. I’m thinking of what I like, what’s going to hit my ears first, what’s going to get ME excited, and I chase that full speed ahead.”

JAWNY’s approach to music -and life- is to love what you’re doing, and do something you’re excited about! JAWNY also shared his insight into what after the music has been made: “Then I think about what comes after… that’s when I’m like ‘Ok, it’s going out into the world… are they going to like it?’ But I don’t let it deter me, because I’m still excited! Then when it goes out in the world, you have no control over whether people love it or hate it… and who cares!”

It was amazing for us to spend a moment with JAWNY, and Hidden Beats is excited that JAWNY is currently touring North America (with support from Wallice), and you can check out the single “fall in love” on all your favorite streaming platforms, and “It’s Never Fair, Always True” is coming March 3, 2023!

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