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A Moment With Little Image

Hidden Beats recently had the opportunity to spend A Moment with Little Image to sit down and discuss where they came from, how they survived the pandemic, and what is coming next for this tight-knit “alt-pop-trio” out of Dallas, Texas.

The members of Little Image (Jackson Simmons on vocals, Brandon Walters on keys and bass, and Troy Bruner on drums) have been friends for years before the band came together, calling their beginning “so Internet”. In the years since they began touring and making some waves before the pandemic hit.

Producing In The Pandemic

While they were making their sophomore self-titled album, Little Image had a major wrench thrown into their plans: the COVID pandemic. Unlike when they recorded their first album, the members of Little Image had to record this album primarily without each other. Thanks to their amazing communication abilities, they were able to create an album they are really proud of!

The Process

One of the big things all of the guys did before making this album was to listen to a lot of different songs. Jackson especially wanted everyone to make a “big-sounding sonic thing” that was new to them and pushed them to try something new and fresh. One of the best things was the boys found a way to use escapism while they were creating, writing, and recording. Little Image actually rented a studio in the middle of nowhere to record. They liked it so much, they stayed there for another week! If you want to hear what came out of those sessions, be sure to check out their singles “EGO” and “WORTH IT”.

Check It Out!

Little Image is currently touring the United States alongside Colony House, and their self-titled EP “Little Image” is coming out May 12, 2023. Little Image is known for its amazing, high-energy shows where they promote an awesome inclusive environment. Little Image joked about starting to host pre-show yoga to help keep everyone zen before their shows, haha!

Check out their recently released single “BALLET” and their hit “OUT OF MY MIND”, and enjoy a moment with Little Image!

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