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A Moment with Trent the Hooligan

Atlanta-born, and raised in the church with his seven siblings, Trent is the son of a preacher that grew up listening to Christian rock, but can spit rhymes better than most. After two quick releases, 2018’s EP B4imetu: A Prelude to Medusa, followed by debut album Medusa in 2019, Trent took a moment to chat with Hidden Beats to celebrate his recent release which was three years in the making, ALLGASNOBRAKEZ!

A Creative Owl

Asked when he feels the most creative, “Night time definitely is when the juices start flowing. Usually right at night time, odd hours of the night… like four or five in the morning. Then I wake up the next day and record it.” Given his nomadic lifestyle -being born and spending his early years in Atlanta, stopping in Orlando before settling in Wilmington North Carolina, Trent describes himself a North Carolina artist. “I became a man there. Not only that, I started my musical journey there as well, and that’s where I found a lot of my identity. Although I have love for Atlanta and Florida, North Carolina is my home. That’s where my Mom and my Pops is, and all my brothers, and all my friends.”

Advice For Life

When it comes to the best piece of advice Trent has been given, Trent says “As generic as this is going to sound… just keep going, you feel me? I think there’s times as an artist that things can get frustrating and you want things to move faster. All the people around me that really love me and believe in what I’m doing, just constantly reminding me to keep going. It is *THE* best advice, and what I need. That’s the battery in my back, and if I didn’t have that, who knows?”

What Does Trent Chill To?

Ever wonder what music musicians listen to? For Trent, as a Limewire kid, he admits he didn’t really “buy” a lot of music when he was young, but the first CD Trent purchased himself was Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”. “I love that album. It’s incredible. That was the first one I bought with my own money… before that I was just ripping shit off of websites, haha!” As for artists you may not expect Trent to listen to, he is a big time Olivia Rodrigo fan! Trent also has a lot of love for Harry Styles, “The Harry Styles album is actually dope, he’s a good musician!” It’s awesome to see artists share the variety of their influences and what they listen to.

Challenge And Reward

The journey Trent went on to create ALLGASNOBRAKEZ! was hard, but one that rewarded Trent with a lot of growth. Asked what the most challenging, and rewarding, parts of his path to creating ALLGASNOBRAKEZ! were, Trent responded “The most challenging and rewarding part… it’s the same answer. Growth. The growing pains. Nobody grows within comfort. I went through a lot of shit… death in my family, heartbreak, just a lot of stuff that made me a better person. I watched God put the right blessings in my life through the pain. Growth is the pain and the blessing. I would literally go to bed and pray every night to God to put the right things and people in my life, and I watched him pull me through the wringer and pull me out the other side better. If you’re going through something, just know in a lot of ways that’s a good thing. When you come out the other side, you’re going to be better.”

Trent gave us a lot of great words, good times, and awesome vibes! Be sure to throw Trent some love by checking out his latest project ALLGASNOBRAKEZ!, available on all major streaming platforms.

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