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A Night With Nightly, Young Rising Sons and Knox

Nightly’s Jonathan Capeci, Nicholas Sainato, and Joseph Beretta make their mark on Philadelphia with a wild, feel-good performance. Stop #18 on The ‘Wear Your Heart Out’ Tour, was definitely a night to remember! From fan interactions, well-thought out production, to light hearted, fun energy, the night’s energy was unmatchable.

Young Rising Sons and Knox

Young Rising Sons, and Knox hit the road with nightly on the “wear your heart out,,” tour and couldn’t have been a better fit! From Young Rising Sons and Knox’s stage presence, to getting the crowd jumping and bumping, it was beautiful watching the night unfold with such talented artists! Young Rising Sons, a New York native band hold between 5 songs alone, a whopping 100 million spotify streams, as well as hundreds of thousand monthly listeners. Young Rising Sons brought all their energy, giving their performance 100% the entire time! Knox, also known as Knox Morris, has been stealing the hearts of fans since his release of “cold.” in 2021. Knox holds over 969,000 monthly listeners. Young Rising Sons and Knox fit in absolutely perfectly to the “wear your heart out” tour. Lead singer of nightly, Jonathan Capeci, couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved Young Rising Sons and Knox. With it being Young Risings Sons last stop on this run with nightly, they surprised Nightly on stage, love was felt all throughout the venue! The night continued on with high energy, good vibes and a special performance from Nightly and Knox of “miss when you miss me (feat. knox)”  which had the crowd roaring!


Nightly has been no stranger to the music scene, in their childhood through teenage years they were in multiple bands, which later sparked the creation of Nightly. Nightly, well known for their hit songs ‘Twenty Something, the movies,” and many more have reached over 720,000 well deserved monthly spotify listeners. Nightly has released two hit albums since 2020 including their debut album “night, love you.” and their most recent release of “wear your heart out.” Capeci pointed out the last time they were in Philadelphia they were playing in what he joked to be a “sweaty closet of 180 people,” and how grateful he as well as Nicholas Sainato (Drums) and Joseph Beretta (Guitar) were to have such a great turnout. Back in August of this year, I had the pleasure of attending Nightly’s New York City album release party for “wear your heart out.” Being able to listen to the album unfold and see the raw talent and dedication that went into creating this masterpiece of an album, was beautiful. What was even more beautiful was listening to those songs streamed throughout an office in NYC to coming to life on stage in Philadelphia. 

Ending The Night Off

Fans showed an outpour of love, as well as family members of nightly who attended their hometown show. A beautiful performance of  “older” left fans almost in tears as well as Capeci, who said it was one of his most personal songs. The energy could be felt throughout the entire venue, fans screaming, happiness flowed throughout Brooklyn Bowl. It was prevalent from the first song “Wear Your Heart Out”, Nightly carefully curated their 19 song setlist! The setlist consisted of many of Nightly’s best songs, including “Shirt, Radiohead, my boys, Dirty White Chucks, older, love somebody, Twenty Something, like i do,” and many more bangers! The night unfortunately came to an end, but the memories created tonight will last a lifetime for many, if you haven’t gotten the chance to checkout Nightly now is the best time! Nightly’s music will have you feeling transcended! 

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