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A Sold Out Night With Waterparks in Philly

It was A Sold Out Night With Waterparks in Philly who brought along a few friends in Sophie Powers and Loveless for a great night of music.

Sophie Powers

First up, Sophie Powers is an Alternative/Pop singer from Toronto. Sophie Powers is well known for her songs “Better On Mute, Nosebleed, U Love it,” and many more. Powers opened up the night by captivating the stage with her unique style and energetic stage presence. Sophie was made for the stage, keeping fans drawn in and excited for the night to unfold. Powers pranced around the stage effortlessly, while performing hit songs “Obsessed, Bathroom Floor, Greed” and more! The way Sophie interacts with fans is truly something special, especially while conveying such emotion and raw talent. Sophie Powers’ performance was most definitely an exhilarating start to a night filled with smiles, dancing, and fans belting out to their favorite songs. 


Next up Loveless, I can tell you right now it was anything but “loveless” in The Fillmore Philadelphia. Love and pure admiration was felt all around as Loveless made their entrance to the stage with fans erupting in screams of excitement. Loveless is comprised of the power Alternative Rock duo Julian Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail. Loveless ranks in over 1.4 monthly Spotify listeners and a whole lot of dedicated fans. Since releasing their first song “Better” in April of 2020 they have been on the rise and haven’t stopped. Loveless performed a great variety of songs including “Drag Me Down, Control, If You Have My Voodoo Doll Give Me A Hug, and Picasso,” as well as covers of Billie Elish’s “happier than ever,” Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),” and last but not least Elley Duhè’s “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.” These covers can be found on Loveless’s streaming platforms, ranking in millions upon millions of listens. Loveless gave a performance that will be hard to forget! 


Last but not least, the long awaited performance of Waterparks! Fans lined up on the streets of Philadelphia, some even staying overnight in anticipation of the show. Thanks to Sophie Powers and Loveless fans were already warmed up from standing in line, and ready to rock! Screams echoed the venue, you could feel the anticipation from the second you entered The Fillmore, fans were ready and they proved it from the second doors opened. Waterparks, the pop punk band made up of Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington, and Otto Wood has been stealing hearts and rallying in millions of dedicated supporters since 2011. Since the beginning of Waterparks, they have released 5 albums, and over 30 singles… their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, gathering hundreds of millions of streams, performing at warped tour and many other venues, and a list of lifelong fans. Waterparks had a plethora of songs they performed, ranging from “Lowkey As Hell, Magnetic, RITUAL, Turbulent, REAL SUPER DARK, I Miss Having Sex but at Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore,” and much more. Waterparks was genuinely one of the most entertaining and well thought out shows I have been too, from onstage energy, production, face paints, visuals and the overall vibe. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Waterparks on “The Sneaking Out Of Heaven Tour,” go grab yourself those tickets ASAP!

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