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Afroman in Ottawa

Legendary OG rapper Afroman from East Palmdale hits the road on a little Canadian tour and came through to the Nation’s Capital!  It was a wild night full of classic bangers, a lot of jokes, and of course, lots of cold Colt 45 to go around! 

I was 14 years old when I first heard of Afroman, watching the music video for “Because I got high”. The first time you hear it you already knew it was going to be an instant hit and something that will be around for a long time. 22 years later Afroman is still pumping out the hits and albums and still touring! 

After all the local Ottawa Rappers finished hyping up the crowd it was time for the OG himself to hit the stage. 

Flying High

With a sold-out crowd at the Brass Monkey ready for him to hit the stage the crowd starts chanting his name! The hype and energy build, and as he makes his way through the crowd and toward the stage everyone erupts in pure excitement! As Afroman hits the stage he is wearing a Canadian-themed outfit sporting a red and white suit. Instead of the maple leaf, it is replaced with a marijuana leaf as many know his love for certain recreational activities. 

The man can groove! During his set, Afroman get down and shows off his footwork and does some dance moves. When he’s not dancing he gets right into the crowd, giving high fives, giving the mic to fans to sing parts of songs he even signed a few autographs during the set! Afroman is a man of the people, you can see he enjoys being on stage and is very grateful for all the love and support still has over the years. Everyone loves the hits but not his fans, from start to finish the crowd knew all the songs and sang loud! Closing off the night he first sings “Because I got high” and for his encore, the man can go into stand-up comedy! He tells a handful of jokes before closing the night off with “Colt 45”

Afroman in Ottawa was by far one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! What an absolute legend. He loves to have a good time and makes the fans a part of that! It was an incredible night with lots of fun and excitement, if you have the chance to see the OG himself do not miss out! 

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