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Alt-J Made Waves In Toronto

Celebrating 10 years of their album ‘An Awesome Wave’, Alt-J made waves last night in Toronto, live at History. With the help of the opening act, Meagre Martin, the night was filled with a great atmosphere and nostalgic celebrations.

Meagre Martin

Fulfilling their role as an opener, Meagre Martin set the tone in Toronto right out of the gate. Kicking off the night with a range of songs and vibes that had the audience ready for a night of music. The crowd was warming up and by the end of the set everyone in the room was bobbing their heads and enjoying everything that Meagre Martin brings to the table. Their song ‘All My Thoughts’ was a highlight of the evening and a beautiful way to start the show.


Roaring applause began to erupt as the lights lowered and Alt-J took the stage. A sold-out crowd, filled with fans new and old, all passionately danced, sang, and appreciated hearing songs from a nostalgic album alongside the newer hits. Working their way through the entire album, Alt-J proves that 10 years may have passed, yet the energy is still thriving. Playing hits like “Breezeblocks”, “Tessellate” and “Something Good”, the band delivered a well-curated set that left every audience member with a smile on their face that lasted the entire night.

After completing ‘An Awesome Wave’ in full the band continued with a strong set featuring more hits, such as a personal favorite of the night “Left Hand Free” to cap off the show. Alt-J was dialed in on stage, all members right up front and proving that they hadn’t missed a beat, from the intricate drumming to the impressive synthesizer work, each member of Alt-J made every minute of the set memorable.

A decade may have passed on “An Awesome Wave’, however, it is undeniable that Alt-J made waves in Toronto last night as they continue celebrating a monumental album.

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