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Amanda Marshall in Winnipeg

Amanda Marshall in Winnipeg brought a wave of high school nostalgia with her incredible performance that left the audience in awe. The 90’s Canadian pop star showcased her powerhouse vocals and undeniable stage presence, reminding everyone why she was a sensation back in the day.

Sophia Fracassi

The night kicked off with an exciting opener, Sophia Fracassi, who embarked on her first big tour. As an emerging artist, Fracassi set the stage for the evening, setting the tone for what was to come.


Once Amanda Marshall took the stage, it was evident that her talent and passion hadn’t diminished over her two-decade hiatus from the music industry. From the moment she started with her hit song “Let It Rain,” Marshall captivated the crowd. Running around the stage and pouring her heart into every note, she exuded infectious energy and joy. The multi-generational audience couldn’t help but sing along and relive the memories that her music evoked.

Her 14-song setlist included a mix of nostalgic hits that had the crowd reminiscing and swaying along. From “Fall From Grace” to “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Dark Horse,” Marshall showcased her versatility and vocal prowess. Other highlights of the night included captivating performances of “Everybody’s Got a Story,” “Sunday Morning After,” and the crowd favorite, “Birmingham.”

It was evident that Marshall was having as much fun as her audience, and her passion for performing was palpable throughout the entire set. Her commanding stage presence and amazing hair added an extra layer of charisma to her performance, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

For those who grew up listening to Amanda Marshall’s music, the night was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Her talent and artistry have stood the test of time, and she proved that she is still a force to be reckoned with on stage.

In Closing

Overall, Amanda Marshall’s concert in Winnipeg was a night to remember. Her powerhouse vocals, engaging stage presence, and selection of nostalgic hits transported the audience back to a time when her music was the soundtrack of their lives. It was an evening filled with joy, sing-alongs and a reminder of the enduring impact of great pop music.

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