Arctic Monkeys and Fontaines D.C. Bring the Heat

Arctic Monkeys in Philadelphia, what could be better?! Arctic Monkeys and Fontaines D.C. are in Philadelphia and ready to give fans a night they have been waiting for.  Dedicated supporters lined up outside the venue at least a mile and a half out, wearing unique outfits and in high spirits. The weather was hot, but Arctic Monkeys and Fontaines D.C. were the ones to bring the heat. 

Fontaines D.C.

Fontaines D.C. started off their set with a very unique setup, and musical skills. Vocalist Grian Chatten, as well as the entire band has a very methodical, and thrilling stage presence. They stated they are from Ireland and are extremely happy to be playing in Philadelphia. Each and every band member showed a unique side of their music abilities, wowing the crowd with every note played and lyrics sung. Arctic Monkeys picked an amazing band to get the night rolling, fans were in awe watching Fontaines D.C. perform. Fontaines D.C.s performance was an unforgettable one. 

Arctic Monkeys

The time was nearing closer to Arctic Monkeys set and you could feel the excitement in the air. Arctic Monkeys hit the stage and an eruption of screams, joyus tears and happiness filled the amphitheater. Arctic Monkeys had an amazing setlist with songs being played from multiple hit albums including ‘AM, The Car, Favourite Worst Nightmare,’ and more. Frontman, Alex Turner has a vintage charm to him that nearly bewitches the crowd. Fans listened in admiration while Arctic Monkeys played their hearts out, feeling every beat in their bones. Arctic Monkeys passion for music, creating art, and creating an experience for fans they will never forget is extremely prevalent. Arctic Monkeys takes you back to a time of nostalgia with their vintage outfits, and rock personas. Their music is for everyone, it was witnessed tonight with all of the people brought together in the sold out amphitheater. Arctic Monkeys is a timeless band, with an old Hollywood vibe to them that is irreplaceable. If you want to have the night of your life, join Arctic Monkeys on their current tour, you wont regret it!

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