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Avril Lavigne - Bite Me Tour

This is a unique one for us today as we got to check out Avril Lavigne – Bite Me Tour across Canada in 3 different spots. This is the first time for us to be able to give you a feeling of the whole tour at different stops across the Canadian leg of this tour. The first stop was in Winnipeg with Matt which was about mid-way into the tour which means the bugs have been ironed out. The second stop for us was Edmonton with Lauren which was just as impressive. The final stop on the tour was the rescheduled Halifax show and we had Alicia there to cap off this massive tour across our country. Each team member left their unique thoughts and amazing shots of the concert to give you a great feeling for the whole tour.

Winnipeg - Matt

I was honored to be asked to shoot this show. I’ve been shooting local shows for a while now, and to get this opportunity was super cool. The stadium was packed, and they had us sitting off the floor with no photo pit unfortunately due to the stage kit.

Opening up - Mod Sun - Grandson

I’m admittedly not familiar with Mod Sun prior to this, but I’m absolutely going to check out more of his music in the future. He reminds me of a grittier Machine Gun Kelly He Came out hard and immediately controlled the crowd. This is exactly what one should do as an opening band. Come out, get people amped up for the rest of the show they’re about to experience!

Following up, Grandson hit the stage with a bang. High energy vibes with songs discussing climate change, voters’ oppression, and human rights. His passion for these topics shines brightly through his stage presence.


There’s a reason she’s a Canadian icon. This woman’s been in the game for more than two decades at this point and still puts on a fantastic show. The crowd is full of a mix of folks that have grown up with her and brand-new young fans. The vibe of the arena was electric, with everyone singing along with her songs. Opening the night with new songs such as “Bite Me” off her current album “Love Sux” as well as older songs such as “What The Hell” off her 2011 album “Goodbye Lullaby”

Edmonton - Lauren

I made the trek to the stadium because it is not every day you get to shoot Avril Lavigne. The house was packed and we were shooting from the soundboard for this one but I came prepared.

Opening up

Mod Sun brought the energy we have come to expect from this tour. One fun thing was a surprise during Avril’s set playing the single Burn For You. Like other shows, Mod Sun stole the crowd’s attention from start to finish making sure the stage was primed for Avril.


When Avril hit the stage the place exploded. The stage kit was impeccable and the attention to detail was crazy. From Avril’s outfits to light on the ramps and the visuals playing on screens including young Avril flashbacks everything was on point. There was some fun giant balls bouncing around the stage and the crowd so everyone could interact including Avril. The crowd sang along to literally every song and it was cool to see both old and new fans come together to enjoy. Some of you guys might not know but Avril has many talents and she showed off by playing the drums while performing her single Love Sux.

I’m not sure which song the fans went crazier for, Girlfriend or Skater Boi. What I will say is both had the crowd going absolutely wild. Ending the show with an encore, the fans lit up the stadium with their phones for a powerful rendition of Head Above Water. The final song for the night was “I’m With You” which included the original music video playing in the background as a reminder of just how hard she’s worked and how far she’s come to get to this point in her career

Halifax - Alicia

The city was beaming with excitement as the crowd gathered around the Scotiabank Centre for Avril Lavigne live in Halifax. After some unfortunate scheduling delays, the Bite Me tour ended its run as one of the city’s most anticipated shows of the year.

The Beaches

JUNO Award winners The Beaches returned to Nova Scotia to deliver an energetic set to an eager crowd. I had the pleasure of photographing the four-piece rockers in 2019 and their performance was just as amazing as I remember from my first experience. With bassist/singer Jordan Miller windmilling her hair all over the stage and an onslaught of dance-worthy pop-rock riffs, the band puts on a show like no other. They opened up their set with their track Late Show and did not slow down until their time was done.

Avril Lavigne

When the stage curtain dropped, Canada’s pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne was greeted by a stadium full of ecstatic and screaming fans. Streamers and lights burst over the cheering crowd as Avril dove into her set. She kicked off the last stop of her tour with songs Cannonball and Bite Me from her latest studio album Love Sux. The packed arena sang along to every word as Avril blasted through her theatrical set, confetti and giant balloons flying everywhere. The nostalgia being felt, and the new memories being made in the audience came together for an incredible night of music. Avril Lavigne – Bite Me Tour will be a show hot on people’s lips for weeks to come in Halifax.

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