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Beartooth in Chicago

Beartooth in Chicago stopped by The Riviera an brought some friends along for an epic night of amazing music.

Sleep Theory

The Riviera was filled to 60% capacity as Sleep Theory kicked off the evening with their performance of “Fallout”. The audience immediately immersed themselves in the music, exhibiting enthusiastic head nodding and occasional head banging throughout the set. As Sleep Theory progressed, the crowd’s engagement intensified, culminating in synchronized waving during their song “Gone or Staying”. Their energetic performance set the stage for subsequent acts, concluding with “Another Way” and leaving the audience eager for Beartooth’s arrival.

Invent Animate

Following a brief intermission, Invent Animate took the stage to an 85% capacity crowd, opening with their powerful track “False Meridian”. The song sparked crowd surfing and vigorous mosh pits, with the band’s commanding stage presence further igniting the audience’s enthusiasm. Tracks like “Absent Persistent” showcased the band’s lyrical depth and musical prowess, leaving a lasting impression on attendees, myself included. Invent Animate’s polished performance solidified them as a must-see act.

The Plot in You

Next, The Plot in You captivated the audience with “Divide”, prompting an electrifying response from the crowd. Amidst the performance, a memorable moment unfolded as two individuals briefly stood atop one another in the mosh pit before security intervened. The sold-out venue pulsated with energy as the band delivered hit after hit, including a collaborative performance with Marcus Vik of Invent Animate, underscoring the camaraderie among musicians.


During the intermission preceding Beartooth’s set, Creed’s “Higher” fostered a sense of communal spirit among attendees, foreshadowing the excitement to come. As AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” heralded Beartooth’s entrance, the band’s photographer briefed us on the upcoming spectacle, including confetti cannons and lasers.

Beartooth’s electrifying performance commenced to a roaring crowd, launching with “Sunshine” as confetti cannons erupted, adding to the fervor. Despite the intensity of the crowd, safety remained paramount, evidenced by security’s diligent efforts to manage the influx of crowd surfers. While my time in the photo pit was brief due to safety concerns, the night left an indelible mark on fans, offering a temporary escape into the realm of live music.

Leaving the Riviera amidst the rain, I couldn’t help but reflect on the evening’s immersive experience with Beartooth in Chicago. Despite the tumultuous weather, the opportunity to be transported by music proved invaluable. I hope this account provides insight into the vibrant atmosphere and memorable performances of the night, inviting readers to join me on future adventures. Thank you for sharing in these moments.

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