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Big Sugar in Winnipeg

Big Sugar in Winnipeg brought the Canadian reggae-rock heat to the late December chill of Winnipeg and the legendary Burton Cummings Theatre. Fans were lined up in the snow down the street prior to the show while Big Sugar frontman Gordie Johnson sang the Canadian and American national anthems at the Winnipeg Jets games. The Jets, unfortunately, lost which sucks but at least we had some amazing music to round out the night. I was lucky enough to be able to move around the venue and stay for the whole show which means a great night for music and some amazing shots for the gallery. This band always puts on a great show anywhere they play.

The Tour

This tour was a 25th-anniversary celebration for their fourth album Heated, and the band didn’t disappoint their fans. Through their monstrous 28-song setlist, they played the entire Heated album including the classic BTO song ‘Let It Ride’, and their seminal hit ‘Turn the Lights On’. The band was clearly having as great a time as their fans, chatting with each other and the audience throughout the show. Big Sugar has gone through numerous incarnations throughout the years. Currently, they are touring as a trio that is fronted by founder and songwriter Gordie Johnson. He is joined by bassist Ben Lowe (son of former Big Sugar bassist Gary Lowe), and drummer Root Valach. After a four-year hiatus following the death of Gary Lowe, Johnson has rebuilt the band with both a new, young sound and their classic vibe.

In Closing

If you want to have a great night with some amazing music this is a must to check out. Big Sugar in Winnipeg made sure to keep the holidays going with a rocking good time and a great way to round out the night. Make sure to leave a comment about your fav picture in the gallery.

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