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Big Wreck in Halifax

The Autumn air was crisp and the streets were abuzz as a crowd gathered in the Light House Arts Centre, ready for a night of great music. Having Big Wreck in Halifax may be a bit of a regular occurrence, but that doesn’t stop the band from selling out shows every time they step into our humble little city. They were joined by Ontario rockers Texas King, as well as singer/songwriter Daniel Greaves, for their North American 2023 tour.

Daniel Greaves

Due to a last-minute schedule change that started the show earlier than expected, I was only able to catch the some of the last song of Daniel’s performance. A solo performer sat with his piano, Daniel held the crowd’s attention with his haunting vocals and beautiful keystrokes. It was immediately clear to me why fans were so excited to have Daniel in town. I hope I get the chance to catch another one of this shows.

Texas King

This was my first-ever exposure to Texas King and it lived up to the hype. This is a band that loves to be on stage. From the moment they set foot in front of the crowd, the group was ready to go, opening up their set with the title track of the 2021 EP release Changes. Frontman Jordan MacDonald was constantly on the move, bouncing around the stage to jam out with all of his bandmates. The energy within the band swelled along with the size of the crowd, never once pumping the breaks. Although I thoroughly enjoyed their original material, the highlight of the set for me was their cover of Post Malone’s song Chemical. Texas King definitely created a new fanbase for themselves in Halifax, and I hope they visit us again soon.

Big Wreck

Packed onto the floor wall-to-wall, the crowd began cheering for Big Wreck the moment the house lights dropped. The stage flooded with purple and red lighting as the intro for In Fair Light, a track from the band’s newest EP set to drop this month, began to play over the monitors. The crowd erupted into cheers as the band walked on stage. The excitement in the room was palpable. After treating us to the brand-new material, they jumped right into one of my personally favourite tracks; I Digress, from 2014’s album “Ghosts.” Their set spanned across their entire discography, giving fans a taste of a little bit of everything the band has put out. Everyone in Big Wreck is mesmerizing to watch, and Ian Thornley’s voice is as strong as ever. The band kept the crowd captivated from start to finish, rewarding calls for an encore with 1997’s debut single The Oaf.

Big Wreck in Halifax is always a great time. They show their fans the love that we show them every time and always leave us wanting more. I’m already eager for their next visit to the East coast.

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