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Billy Talent & Rise Against live

Alrighty folks it’s time for some live music finally with Billy Talent & Rise Against live at TD Place. Ottawa has been due for some fun so having this caliber of the show being one of the first back is amazing. With most restrictions lifted TD Place was able to pack the house and man were there a lot of people at this show. This being my first time out in a while it was almost a little intimidating but exciting. I got to reconnect with some friends and take in some rockin good music.


Opening the night is the all-female quartet hailing from Montreal, NOBRO. This being my first time seeing this punk rock group I wasn’t sure what to expect. They started out the night with some energy and took the crowd’s attention, like it or not! Using the big stage to their advantage, the punk rockers smashed out some great punk rock sounds and got the crowd in the right mood. To give you an idea if you haven’t seen NOBRO live think The Ramones. Great start to the night

Rise Against

Next on deck is the powerhouses Rise Against. No stranger to Ottawa, Rise Against never fails to let you down. Being one of the first shows back the guys were more than happy that Ottawa was on the list of stops. Being well seasoned, the band has more than a few smash hits which had the crowd going crazy. Frontman Tim took the time to interact with the crowd and talk about how much they missed playing live and even took a few minutes to just take it all in. I have been a fan for a while so this was amazing and one of the stand-out moments with the solo acoustic Swing Life Away.

Billy Talent

Billy Talent hits the stage, and the crowd went wild. Starting out the night with one of my favs Devil in a Midnight Mass took the energy to 100 and kept it there. The guys had an awesome stage kit and the graphics for this tour are amazing, to say the least. Frontman Benjamin grabbed that mic and did his best to blow it out of the building. Ben took a few moments even telling the crowd how happy he was to be back playing because some didn’t think this would ever happen again. One song that I have always liked was Fallen Leaves so when that one started it made might the whole night. When the last song finishes the fans wouldn’t let them leave without an epic encore which the guys were happy to oblige finishing out with a 3 song epic finally.

Closing out the night

It’s easy to say that this was a much-needed escape for the city and for myself with Billy Talent & Rise Against live. NOBRO was a pleasant surprise and getting to see some familiar faces is never a bad thing. If you get the chance to see this show, live make sure you do because you will not be let down.

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