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Bluesfest 2023 Day 1

Bluesfest 2023 Day 1 in Ottawa was an incredible kickoff to the much-anticipated annual event, even with limited access. The energy was high as attendees flocked to witness the Country Queen in action.

River Stage

JC took the River Stage and surpassed expectations, delivering an electrifying set that showcased his versatility as an artist. His performance on the big stage started off the day in style.

Dax’s return to the Bluesfest lineup was met with excitement. Known for his energetic stage presence and connection with the crowd, he didn’t disappoint. He even signed his sneakers and threw them into the enthusiastic crowd.

BBO$ took the stage with his unique cookbook style, delivering a high-energy performance filled with his hit songs. Despite it being Shania Twain’s day, BBO$ held his ground and had a massive crowd, arguably stealing the show for some.

RBC Stage

Starting off the main stage was Brea Lawrenson, a local talent who drew a massive crowd with her impressive performance backed by a full brass section. Her band was exceptional, setting the tone for a memorable day.

Lindsay Ell stepped in for Orville and wowed the audience with her phenomenal guitar skills and powerful vocals. Her incredible solos left no doubt that she was destined to be a huge hit in Ottawa.

And then there was Shania, who left the audience in awe. Making a grand entrance on a rolling cart through the middle of the crowd, she elevated the atmosphere with her showmanship. Her backup dancers and musicians were perfectly synchronized, and her interaction with fans added an extra layer of excitement.

In Closing

Day 1 of Bluesfest 2023 was a day to remember, and it’s only the beginning. Its unfortunate we were limited this year to not being able to check out every great act out there. Hopefully, we can get as many as possible every day. Get ready for Day 2, featuring the likes of Billy Talent, Weezer, and Thundercat. Don’t miss out on the thrilling performances that await you! Make sure to leave a comment with your favorite set of the day!

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