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Bluesfest 2023 Day 2

Bluesfest 2023 Day 2 was an incredible showcase of talent and unforgettable performances that left the crowd wanting more. With a lineup that spanned various genres, the day was filled with electrifying moments that kept the energy high from start to finish.

SiriusXM Stage

Starting off at the SiriusXM Stage, Digging Roots took the stage and immediately captured the attention of the audience. Their unique sound and groovy vibes had everyone moving and set the perfect tone for the day. It was a delight to witness their live performance after discovering them at the Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards.

River Stage

Over at the River Stage, Melo Griffith commanded the crowd with his energetic presence. Unlike many rappers, Melo truly put on a show, engaging the audience and having them sing along to his infectious tunes. Seeing him live and witnessing his talent firsthand was a treat, especially after having the opportunity to interview him in the past.

Next up was Bangas, who delivered an incredibly fun and dynamic set. Despite being scheduled alongside the popular Billy Talent, they drew in a substantial crowd. With powerful vocals and a big band sound, their performance was a true highlight of the day. It was a joy to watch them perform live, especially since they were on our list of must-see artists due to our previous interview with them.

Thundercat took the stage with his massive bass and captivated the entire crowd at the River Stage. Accompanied by a three-man group, his masterful performance had everyone in awe. The crowd was completely entranced by every note he played. It was a surprising and delightful experience, especially for those unfamiliar with his music. Thundercat’s performance was a fantastic way to conclude the night.

RBC Stage

Over at the RBC Stage, PUP commanded a massive crowd, filling the venue to half capacity early in the day. As expected, they delivered a tight and exhilarating show, proving why they have such a dedicated following. The crowd’s enthusiasm and love for PUP was palpable throughout their performance.

Billy Talent, a fan-favorite, opened their set with the iconic “Devil in a Midnight Mass.” The set design, featuring large screens behind them, added an extra visual element to their performance. Despite the years that have passed, Billy Talent remains as energetic and powerful as ever, delivering all of their hit songs with fervor.

And then there was Weezer, who ignited the crowd with their opening songs “My Name is Jonas” and “Beverly Hills.” The excitement reached its peak when they performed a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” causing the entire crowd to erupt with enthusiasm. Weezer’s enduring presence in the music scene was evident, and seeing them live was just as thrilling as it was the first time.

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