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Bluesfest 2023 Day 5

Bluesfest 2023 Day 5 delivered an electrifying lineup that had fans on their feet and craving more. With incredible performances across multiple stages, the day showcased a range of talents that left a lasting impression.

SiriusXM Stage

At the SiriusXM Stage, River City Junction kicked off the day with authentic blues that had the crowd gathered and fully engaged. Their soulful performance resonated with blues enthusiasts and created a captivating atmosphere. To add to the excitement, they brought out special guest Lyle Odjick, adding another layer of talent to an already remarkable set.

Black Joe Lewis took the stage with a stripped-down set that highlighted his masterful guitar work. Despite the simplicity, the crowd under the tent was enthralled by his skill and presence. Lewis’s performance was a testament to his musical prowess and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

River Stage

Over at the River Stage, My Son the Hurricane brought an explosive wind of energy to the festival. Their high-energy performance had the crowd in a frenzy, with the lead singer exuding tremendous charisma. The band’s dynamic and engaging stage presence, coupled with their mastery of multiple instruments, created an exhilarating experience that was both exciting to watch and pleasing to the ears.

MONOWHALES, despite Sally’s diminutive stature, brought an incredible amount of energy to the stage. Their performance was marked by powerful vocals and an infectious stage presence that had the audience captivated. The highlight of their set was the performance of their brand-new song, “Hear Me Out,” which showcased their musical growth and creativity. I’ve seen these guys in action in the past so I knew what to expect and wasn’t disapointed

RBC Stage

On the RBC Stage, White Reaper made their highly anticipated debut in Ottawa. Their 90s grunge vibes fused with a fresh take on 2000s punk created a captivating and energetic performance. The crowd responded enthusiastically, embracing the band’s infectious energy and spirited sound.

The much-awaited headliner, Foo Fighters, took the stage to a rapturous crowd. From the opening chords of “All My Life” to the crowd-pleasing “Pretender,” the band delivered a high-octane performance that had everyone on their feet. The setlist included surprises like a snippet of “Crazy Train,” showcasing the band’s ability to seamlessly incorporate their own twist into beloved classics. The crowd was left in awe of the Foo Fighters’ musical prowess and stage presence.

Bluesfest 2023 Day 5 was a testament to the festival’s ability to curate an incredible lineup of diverse and talented artists. From the soulful blues to high-energy performances and iconic headliners, the day offered an unforgettable experience for music lovers. Stay tuned for more exciting performances and get ready for the next day of Bluesfest, packed with even more incredible acts to enjoy.

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