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Bluesfest 2023 Day 6

Bluesfest 2023 Day 6 brought an incredible array of talent to the stage, showcasing diverse sounds and captivating performances. From the SiriusXM Stage to the River Stage and RBC Stage, the day was filled with memorable moments that left the crowd in awe.

SiriusXM Stage

At the SiriusXM stage, Sudan Archives, whose unique sound immediately caught the attention of the audience. As a one-person band, she skillfully blended elements of synth, electronic, and R&B, creating a truly distinctive musical experience. It was Sudan Archives’ first time at Bluesfest, and her inclusion added a refreshing and unexpected twist to the lineup. Notably, she showcased her talent on the fiddle, further captivating the crowd.

River Stage

At the River Stage, Avery Raquel commanded attention with her powerful voice and aggressive drums. Her performance exuded a dynamic blend of R&B, funk, and soul, captivating the audience from start to finish. She treated the crowd to songs like “New Found Happiness” from her new album, showcasing her immense talent and leaving a lasting impression.

Cam Kahin took the stage and immediately attracted a young crowd. With their energetic performance, they shared stories about simple farm life and expressed the teenage angst of a new generation. The high-energy guitarist and captivating stage presence brought a larger group of attendees together, creating an atmosphere of fun and movement. Some even predicted that the guitarist would become the next Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, further emphasizing the talent on display.

RBC Stage

Over at the RBC Stage, Amos the Transparent was introduced as a local treasure. Their easygoing nature and camaraderie shone through as bandmates playfully interacted with each throughout their set. Their easy listening sound created a relaxed and enjoyable experience for the audience

The War on Drugs took the stage with their ’80s alt-rock vibes, reminiscent of iconic artists like Brian Adams. The full band utilized the entire stage, while lead guitarist Adam Granduciel showcased his impressive guitar skills. Their performance captivated the audience, highlighting their musical prowess and ability to transport listeners to a different era.

The highly anticipated headliner, Mumford and Sons, delivered a performance that exceeded expectations. Despite starting a few minutes late, they sounded as exceptional live as they do on recordings. Opening with “Babel,” they immediately captivated the crowd. As they played hits like “Little Lion Man,” the band stopped to hear the crowd sing along, creating a magical moment of connection. The enthusiastic banjo and zealous piano playing added depth and dimension to their performance. Lead singer Marcus interacted with the crowd, expressing his joy at returning to Canada. At one point, he even took to the drums, showcasing his versatility and further engaging the audience.


Bluesfest 2023 Day 6 was a testament to the festival’s ability to curate a diverse and talented lineup. From Sudan Archives’ unique sound to Mumford and Sons’ engaging performance, every stage brought something special to the table. Stay tuned for more exciting performances and get ready for the next day of Bluesfest, packed with even more incredible acts to enjoy.

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