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Bluesfest 2023 Day 9

Bluesfest 2023 Day 9 was a musical extravaganza that left the audience in awe, featuring an impressive lineup of talented artists that set the stage on fire. From the smooth sounds of Koffee on the River Stage to the electrifying performance by The Smile at the RBC Stage, the day was filled with unforgettable moments.

Barney Danson Theatre

Steph La Rochelle opened the Barney Danson Theatre with her mesmerizing voice and soulful tunes. The intimate setting allowed the audience to experience her music up close, as she showcased a mix of covers and originals. With a cello adding depth to her performance, the smooth sound filled the theatre, and despite the standing room, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical.

River Stage

Eazy Finesse stole the show at the River Stage, despite the smaller crowd. With dancers by her side, she dominated the stage and even brought on guest artists, including the energetic Rebelvfterpvrty. One of the standout moments was when she dedicated a song to a friend who couldn’t be present, showing her heartfelt connection to the audience.

Avenior followed with his R&B flair and acoustic song, captivating the crowd with his smooth sound. As a young artist, he displayed incredible potential and left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The highly anticipated performance by Koffee, headlining the River Stage, was nothing short of epic. The packed crowd was immersed in the Jamaican vibe she brought to the city. Adding to the spectacle, the best-dressed cowboy of the whole festival delivered an unforgettable guitar solo, leaving the audience in awe. Co-headlining with The Smile on the final day, Koffee’s set attracted a similar-sized crowd and left an indelible mark on Bluesfest 2023.

RBC Stage

Paragon Cause opened the RBC Stage with their easy-listening tunes. Being an Ottawa local, they expressed their joy at being part of the festival. Their music set a relaxing tone, preparing the audience for the excitement that followed.

Alvvays, with their extensive experience in Ottawa, were no strangers to the crowd. Playing fan favorites, the band’s dedicated following sang along to every word, creating an electric atmosphere. Despite a few minor technical issues with the keyboard, Alvvays kept the show going like true professionals.

The Smile headlined the RBC Stage, and their performance was nothing short of breathtaking. The crazy light show and epic instrumentals transformed the stage into a mesmerizing audio-visual experience. Drawing in a crowd reminiscent of a Radiohead concert, the diehard fans reveled in Thom Yorke’s captivating performance, as he effortlessly played a bit of everything.

And that's a wrap on 2023

The conclusion of Bluesfest 2023 Day 9 delivered an unforgettable array of musical talent. From soulful performances at the Barney Danson Theatre to the electrifying energy at the River Stage and RBC Stage. With artists leaving their hearts on the stage and fans singing along in unison, it was a day that showcased the true essence of music and community.

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