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Bluesfest 2024 Day 2: A Sizzling Lineup Featuring Noah Cyrus and Nickelback

Bluesfest 2024 Day 2 promised to elevate the excitement and it certainly delivered. While Day 1 set the tone with a fantastic start, Day 2 was all about turning up the energy with stellar performances from standout artists like Warren Zeiders and the iconic Nickelback. As the day began, the temperature soared, mirroring the heat of the upcoming performances. Fans were geared up and ready for a memorable experience, making Day 2 of Bluesfest 2024 an event to remember.

May Davis Sets the Tone on the SiriusXM Stage

Kicking off the day on the SiriusXM Stage was May Davis, a standout local talent that Bluesfest has expertly showcased. The SiriusXM Stage, set under a big tent, proved to be the ideal venue to start the festival day. With a classic blues sound and a distinct voice, May Davis immediately captivated the audience. Her music, uniquely her own, resonated with the crowd, drawing them into a groove that had heads bobbing from the get-go.

May Davis’s performance was a testament to the festival’s commitment to highlighting local artists. Her ability to connect with the audience was evident as the crowd responded enthusiastically to her set. The presence of a standing bass added to the richness of her sound, creating a dynamic and engaging experience. As the day began with her soulful blues, it was clear that May Davis set a high bar for the performances to follow at Bluesfest.

Jaclyn Kenyon Ignites the RBC Main Stage

Jaclyn Kenyon, a feisty talent from Ontario, was the first to perform on the RBC main stage. Her energetic show did not disappoint, living up to the expectations set by pre-show research. With her powerful vocals and commanding stage presence, Kenyon made the stage her own, captivating the audience as fans sang along to her spirited performance. Her band supported her seamlessly, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Kenyon’s upcoming EP promises to showcase her immense talent, and her performance at Bluesfest provided a tantalizing preview of what’s to come. She effectively warmed up the crowd, setting the tone for an exciting day of music. This young dynamo left a lasting impression on the audience, proving she is a rising star to watch in the music industry.

Aleksi Champagne: A Captivating Performance at Bluesfest

A quick stop at the Barney Danson Theatre introduced me to the mesmerizing sounds of Aleksi Champagne. Although new to me, my curiosity was piqued the moment I saw the fiddle and violin, instruments that always capture my interest. Champagne’s performance was nothing short of enchanting, blending traditional and contemporary sounds in a way that captivated the audience from the first note.

Hailing from Montreal, Aleksi Champagne and his trio delivered a dynamic and engaging show. The mix of sounds and instruments created a rich, vibrant performance that was both fun and moving. This opportunity to showcase their music to neighboring audiences who might not typically hear it was a perfect way to expand their reach. Bluesfest attendees were treated to an exceptional display of talent, marking Champagne’s performance as a highlight of the festival.

The Artichoke Hearts start the River Stage's engines

The Artichoke Hearts, a talented ensemble hailing from Gatineau, kicked off the festivities on the River Stage, setting a high bar for the rest of the festival. Led by the charismatic Caitlin Dolan, the band captivated the audience with their exceptional musicianship and heartfelt lyrics. Their seamless fusion of various musical styles showcased their versatility and talent, making for an unforgettable opening performance.

As the festival grounds began to fill with eager fans, The Artichoke Hearts entertained the growing crowd with a mix of crowd favorites and spirited performances. The band’s infectious energy and passion for their craft were evident, creating an electric atmosphere that resonated with everyone in attendance. Their ability to engage and entertain the audience set a positive tone for the day, ensuring that the other side of the festival got off to a fantastic start.

The Bywater Call: Toronto's Rock Soul Sensation

Next up under the big tent was The Bywater Call, a band that was new to me this year but instantly captivated me from the first note. Hailing from Toronto, The Bywater Call brought a classic rock-soul vibe that resonated with everyone in front of them. Their performance was electrifying, creating an immediate connection with the audience.

One of the standout moments was the epic sax solo, which seemed to surprise even the band members as they played and cheered along. The saxophonist’s skill and passion were evident, making this solo a highlight of the performance. As a fan of sax solos, this one truly impressed me and added a unique flavor to the band’s overall sound. The Bywater Call’s energy and musicianship left a lasting impression, making them a memorable part of the festival lineup.

Warren Zeiders: Energizing the Stage

Warren Zeiders is making waves from coast to coast with his electrifying performances. Known for his high-energy shows and undeniable talent, Warren brings a vibrant enthusiasm to both his music and live acts. Having heard rave reviews about his performances, I was thrilled to experience it firsthand. His sound is distinctive, and his fun, approachable attitude makes him an instant favorite among fans.

The crowd, especially the ladies, absolutely loved every minute of his set. They were singing and dancing throughout, fully immersed in the experience. Warren’s ability to connect with the audience and share his passion for music creates an unforgettable show. His infectious energy and genuine love for performing make his concerts a must-see.

Danielle Allard Shines at Bluesfest 2024

Amid the bustling Bluesfest 2024 schedule, I made sure to catch the captivating Danielle Allard at the Barney Danson Theatre. A proud Ottawa local, Danielle has been making waves with her music, streaming, and community work. Her performance tonight was a testament to her talent and dedication.

Danielle graced the stage in a stunning dress, topped with a regal Queen of the North-esque white fur cloak. Her powerful vocals and exceptional music production captivated the audience, making it a memorable set. If you haven’t yet experienced Danielle Allard’s magic, be sure to catch one of Ottawa’s true musical gems.

Discovering Mia Kelly: A Local Talent at Bluesfest 2024

Bluesfest has excelled in showcasing local talent, and Mia Kelly from Gatineau is a standout example. Performing in both French and English, Mia blends folk and rock into a captivating musical experience. Her bilingual performances offer a unique touch, appealing to a diverse audience and highlighting her versatility as an artist.

Mia’s music is marked by thoughtful lyrics and emotional depth. Each song reflects her dedication, inviting listeners to connect with the stories she tells. Her work transports audiences to different places through her heartfelt storytelling. If you’re new to her music, Mia Kelly is a fresh and exciting addition to any musical library, making her presence at Bluesfest a must-see.

Ziggy Alberts Brightens the SiriusXM Stage

Ziggy Alberts closed out the SiriusXM stage on Day 2, captivating a packed crowd from front to back. Though I had heard of him before, I hadn’t taken the time to listen to his music—a mistake I quickly realized. Armed with his trusty guitar and sans shoes, Ziggy let his emotions and music speak for him, delivering a performance that resonated deeply with the audience.

Ziggy’s sound is mesmerizing, making it easy to get lost in his music for hours. His joy was evident as he performed on the raised platform at center stage, creating an intimate and engaging atmosphere. The fans were right there with him, sharing in the fun and energy of the night. Ziggy Alberts’ performance was a standout moment of Day 2, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Noah Cyrus Rocks the River Stage

As the time approached for the co-headliners to take the stage, the crowd was abuzz with anticipation for Noah Cyrus. Known for her distinct blend of folk, pop, and country influences, Noah was set to bring her unique sound to the River Stage. The audience was ready, eagerly awaiting her performance. Noah’s stage setup was meticulously designed, enhancing her vocal performance to extraordinary levels.


Noah Cyrus started her set with a slow, methodical approach, gradually building the energy in the crowd. The audience responded enthusiastically, singing along to every word and reveling in the performance. As the show progressed, their excitement grew, and they found it impossible to contain their enthusiasm. Every step of the way, Noah’s music resonated deeply, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Unforgettable Night with Nickelback: A Personal Experience

Nickelback, a name that resonates with many, evokes strong reactions—whether of admiration or criticism. Regardless of public opinion, their live performances are undeniably electrifying. As a longtime fan, I was thrilled to attend their concert, eagerly anticipating the experience. Unfortunately, we couldn’t secure our usual spots at the front for photography, but we managed to capture some fantastic moments on our phones from within the crowd. These impromptu shots didn’t dampen our spirits; instead, they added a raw and genuine touch to our memories of the night.

Nickelback’s status as a cornerstone of the Canadian rock scene is well-deserved, and their concert was a testament to their enduring appeal. The show was a sensory delight, with impressive pyrotechnics and a setlist that had the audience singing along to every word. Each song echoed through the venue, creating an atmosphere of shared excitement and nostalgia. I savored every moment, from the explosive visuals to the collective energy of fellow fans. The night reaffirmed my love for Nickelback, showcasing why they continue to be a powerhouse in rock music.

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