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Bluesfest 2024 Day 3: Bring on the Storm

Bluesfest 2024 Day 3 was set for a challenge with a significant storm looming on the horizon. However, Ottawa has a reputation for not letting a bit of rain dampen its spirit. The city’s residents came out in droves, ready to celebrate a monumental occasion: the 49th birthday of the one and only 50 Cent. Despite the weather forecasts, the energy was palpable, and the anticipation for the headliner was electric.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as fans prepared for a night of unforgettable performances. The lineup was a testament to the diverse and vibrant music scene that Bluesfest is known for. Each act brought something unique to the stage, ensuring that the audience would be thoroughly entertained, regardless of the weather. The storm may have been a concern, but the spirit of the festival and the dedication of its attendees shone through, promising a night to remember.

City Fidelia: A Hometown Hero

Opening on the RBC main stage was Ottawa’s own City Fidelia. Known for his incredible work within the community, City Fidelia brought an unmatched energy and authenticity to the stage. His powerful lyrics and distinctive sound resonated deeply with the audience, creating an intimate connection despite the large venue. Sporting a customized Sens Jersey, he captivated the crowd, who eagerly sang and danced along to every song.

City Fidelia’s performance was more than just music; it was a celebration of his roots and his journey. His ability to engage with the audience was evident, as fans responded with enthusiasm and admiration. The blend of his stage presence, community spirit, and musical talent set the tone for a memorable evening, making it clear why he is a beloved figure in Ottawa’s music scene.

Hopper: Energizing the River Stage

Another gem from Ottawa’s vibrant music scene, Hopper, took to the River stage with confidence and flair. The band looked right at home, setting the tone for the night on that side of the festival. Their powerful performance was infused with energy, and they had the fans grooving from the first note. It was clear that Hopper was a crowd favorite, as people danced and rocked out throughout their set.

Hopper’s opening performance on the River Stage drew a substantial crowd, highlighting their growing popularity. The band’s synergy and enthusiasm were contagious, and their music resonated with both long-time fans and new listeners. Their set was a testament to the local talent that Bluesfest proudly showcases, proving that Ottawa’s music scene is both dynamic and thriving.


Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers: A Pleasant Surprise

My first venture to the SiriusXM stage was to check out Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers, and I was in for a delightful surprise. Touted as the king of the accordion, Dwayne Dopsie did not disappoint. The Hellraisers played him in with such natural ease that it felt like they were born to perform together. Dwayne picked up the accordion and transported the audience straight to the bayou with his incredible playing.

Dwayne’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and his performance was one of the festival’s highlights. The stage came alive with the sounds of Zydeco, and the crowd couldn’t get enough. It was a vibrant and unexpected treat that showcased the diverse range of music Bluesfest offers. Dwayne Dopsie’s act was a testament to the festival’s commitment to bringing unique and exciting performances to its audience.

Killer Mike: A Revival on the Main Stage

After a brief spell of rain, it was time for Killer Mike to take the main stage. Fresh off an impressive run at the Grammy’s, he brought the Down By the Law Tour to Ottawa. Accompanied by the Mighty Midnight Revival, Killer Mike transformed the stage into a dynamic and powerful performance space. Dressed all in white, the entire setup felt like a high-energy sermon, and Mike’s joy was evident as he performed with a beaming smile.

Killer Mike’s performance was not just a concert but an experience. He took a moment to praise the warmth and friendliness of Canadian fans, adding a personal touch to his set. His ability to connect with the audience and his infectious energy made his performance one of the night’s standout moments. The main stage was electric, setting the perfect atmosphere for the evening’s headliner.

Shred Kelly: A Night to Remember

Next up on the River Stage was Shred Kelly, a band that was entirely new to me before this performance. Hailing from the Rockies, they brought an infectious energy and a unique blend of folk-rock tunes that made the trip to see them more than worthwhile. As the evening drew closer to an end, Shred Kelly set the perfect tone with their engaging and spirited performance. The fans, who had been there all day soaking in great music, were treated to a fantastic show that truly showcased the band’s talent and charisma.

Throughout their set, the band members exuded joy, smiling continuously as they played. Their infectious energy and smooth sounds resonated with the audience, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. It was a great time to discover Shred Kelly, and their performance left a lasting impression, ensuring they gained some new fans by the end of the night.

50 Cent: A Birthday Bash to Remember

The moment everyone had been waiting for arrived as the lights dimmed, the intro started, and the visuals sparked up. In a blast of smoke, 50 Cent appeared, and the crowd erupted in excitement. Celebrating his 49th birthday, 50 Cent delivered a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. Mixing fan favorites with his signature smile, he had the audience singing along and snapping pictures throughout the set.

The stage was packed with pyro effects, adding to the high-energy performance. 50 Cent’s presence was commanding, and his connection with the crowd was undeniable. As a long-time fan, I found myself caught up in the moment, singing along to every song. His birthday celebration at Bluesfest was a highlight, leaving everyone with unforgettable memories. The night was a perfect blend of nostalgia and high-energy entertainment.

Despite the looming threat of rain, Bluesfest 2024 Day 3 was a resounding success. The city of Ottawa proved once again that a little bad weather can’t dampen their spirits. Killer Mike’s powerful performance set the stage, and 50 Cent’s birthday bash brought a wave of nostalgia and joy that permeated the entire festival. It was a perfect night of music that left everyone eagerly anticipating the days to come.

As the festival continues, the excitement only grows. With an incredible lineup still to come, Bluesfest 2024 is just getting started. Day 3 set a high bar, showcasing the diverse and dynamic talent that makes this festival a highlight of the summer. The resilience and enthusiasm of the attendees, combined with the exceptional performances, ensured that Day 3 of Bluesfest 2024 will be remembered as a night of music, joy, and community spirit.

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