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Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 1

Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 1 was a blast and a triumphant return to music for Burls Creek. It was a crazy hot day and jam-packed with interviews and outstanding performances by some of the most talented country artists today.  I don’t get the chance to cover a lot of country music so a lot of these artists are fresh for me seeing them for the first time is always a fun one.

Shy Carter

First one for me after a morning of interviews is Shy Carter on the Front Porch stage. Its not always easy starting out early on festival days but the fans showed up and made sure they showed some love. One thing I didn’t know was how many people Shy Carter has worked with and wrote for which was cool to learn. He made sure to connect with the fans under the big tent bringing some swagger and good tunes along for the ride

Jason Blaine

I got the chance to chat with Jason a litte before his set with a quick interview which was great to catch up with him. He was over the moon that we were all able to get back to some live shows and had his full band on stage with him rocking out in the bright sun to the screaming fans. Jason is a seasoned performer so he knew exactly what the crowd wanted and even played a little something from his newest album.

Kidd G

This one was kind of a surprise to me. Never heard of Kidd G before but will for sure remember now. The big tent was packed with fans just chanting his name. Once he hit the stage the people went nuts. He brought a really interesting feel to his music with a little rock and even a touch of hip hop. And what kinda party would it be if there wasn’t some beer-drinking music with a couple of cold ones! Stand out set for sure.

Mackenzie Porter

Playing on the big stage made Mackenzie a giant which fit well with her powerhouse vocals and personality all packed into a tiny frame. You can tell just how much fun she was having on that stage as she belted out some crowd favs and smiled the whole time. She made sure to interact with fans by signing hats and grabbing phones to show off on the big stage especially recalling the time when she first started out playing a small side stage with hay bails and now she’s here. Of course, after we left the photo pit she broke out the violin and started showing it off to everyone. Oh, and her outfit was on point for sure!

Morgan Evans

Just coming off tour this was Morgan’s first time with a festival in Canada he told the crowd. He has been hearing about Boots for years and was loving just how crazy it was with the wild fans as he couldn’t hide the smile. Rocking the acoustic guitar he was full of energy on stage feeding off the fans who were going nuts the whole time. He told some stories about hailing from Australia and moving to North America and buying his first old truck. It’s always amazing to watch these guys on stage just doing what they love and not being able to hide the excitement whatsoever

Dustin Lynch

This was a fun one for sure. They added some pieces to the stage kit to make it like a party house which is exactly what Dustin brought to the stage. Before everything started the band got together to do a huge beer bong to get ready for the show. Dustin rocked out some great tracks in between having some fun with the crowd since he has tomorrow off and wanted to party. He talked about roaming the campgrounds and partying with the fans there before his set which gave him a few ideas. First off was the drinking helmet for Gary who wasn’t allowed to stop drinking the whole time. He also brought people up to play beer pong and even dedicated a track to the legendary McLovin. This performance stood out for me the most with just how much love for the fans Dustin has and how much he loved playing up for the ladies to which he said his mother wished he’d settle down. A little surprise at the end had Mackenzie Porter come out for a duet of Thinking ‘Bout You to close out his set. The party was in full swing for sure.

Jake Owen

Jake filled in last minute for Sam Hunt who unfortunately couldn’t make it and he made sure to bring a party to the fans. It was finally cool as the sun had set and the big stage was the place to be as fans pilled in. This was my first time seeing Jake live so I was excited, to say the least. He brought none stop energy the whole time on the stage. Fans were having a blast as he rocked out some of the crowd favs to keep the night going. Jake is a Boots alumni so he knew he had to make sure to close out the first night with a bang and leave the fans wanting more and that’s exactly what he did. You could hear the music back to the campgrounds and the party didn’t stop for the rest of the night. Great way to close out the day

Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 1 was crazy and day 2 is only going to get better from there with the Florida Georgia Line closing it out..don't miss it

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