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Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 2

You thought Day 1 was awesome, Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 2 took it up a notice with some crazy heat and amazing music…oh and it was hot all day long as well…

Riley Taylor

Former Emerging Artist winner Riley Taylor opens things up on the Front porch stage. He already had a good batch of people there excited to see him and he had fun with it. This is my first time being introduced to Riley and his music and it’s nice to see a simple good old country musician doing what he loves.


Sykamore was a must-see for me after having had the pleasure of an interview roughly a week before the festival. Not only does Sykamore have an amazing voice live but she takes the time to go over every aspect of her set to deliver the best she can give. One of my favorite sets of the festival and it’s about time I got to see a live show!

Aaron Goodvin

Aaron opened up the main stage in some crazy sun and heat but he didn’t let that slow him down. As usual, Aaron and his music were new to me like a handful of the artists at this festival but one of the things that stood out for me was the gritty style in his music. You can certainly tell why he has racked up the awards and nominations he has.

After Midtown

After Midtown is up next. This best friend duo has hit up Canada for a 3rd time now and brings a lot of fun and energy to the stage. The two small-town friends brought some fun tunes to the stage as they rocked out and the fans went nuts. Accomplished songwriters, musicians, and vocalists they made sure to bring a party to the crowd and keep the energy the whole way through their set.

Steven Lee Olsen

Steven Lee Olsen is next on the main stage. If people aren’t fully aware at this point it was a hot one still so the main stage doesn’t help with any shade at all. Steven took it like a champ and brought all kinds of energy to the stage even wearing black and probably dying up there. This was as close to a hometown show as could be for him hailing from Toronto originally so what a better way to enjoy some local talent?

Nate Smith

Nate Smith was the next lucky one up on the Front Porch stage under the big tent. This country rock powerhouse came to play right from the get-go for his first time ever at Boots. The band was feeding off Nate and he was feeding off them and the crowd which made for an amazing way to keep the party going. Nate brought a lot of emotion and feeling to his set and never having seen him live, he certainly made a bigger fan in me.

Meghan Patrick

If you are not familiar with Meghan Patrick you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. This absolute bombshell is well known for the stellar performance and energy on stage and the fans know it and showed up in force. After waiting 2 years to be back and not knowing how things were going to go for a while she was very excited to be here. She played some obvious fan favs and after taking a shot of Whiskey on stage followed up with a classic Chaser. I will always love watching Meghan absolutely murder that guitar at a live show.

Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade is on now to close out the Front Porch stage. Shannon Ella let us all know how much fun we were in for having seen Morgan even going for a run a little earlier in the day which to me seems crazy with how hot it was. Morgan brought her powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics to the stage as the crowd chanted to get her out there. Playing some of the crowd favs she made sure to include Wilder Days to round out a pretty great performance.

Russel Dickerson

As we move into the final stretch we have Russel Dickerson making sure to keep the right amount of energy going before things finish off. Russel is a well-seasoned artist at this point and the crowd loves it. He played up to the ladies so damn well and was loving every minute on the stage. He rocked out some of his best tracks and had the crowd going nuts. Right near the end of his set he ripped his shirt off and wiped out heading off stage. You can certainly say he left it all out there taking him bruises and all.

Florida Georgia Line

And now the main event, Florida Georgia Line is coming to the main stage. One of the biggest country groups to have come out in a long time the boys were winding down their time together playing a final few shows before hanging up their hats and calling it a night. I personally love these guys so I was so excited to get to see one of their final shows live and in person. A little surprise for me was the awesome pyro on the first song and any photographer worth a dime loves a good pyro shot! They used every inch of that stage blasting some Co2 shots and amazing lighting to highlight what has come to be known as a stellar live show. They played all your favorite hits because come on why wouldn’t they? By far one of my favorite shows of the year so far and an amazing way to end out the night. I for one with the guys well and thanks for all the fun over the years.

Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 2 ended with some fire! The final night is coming up with the Queen herself Shania Twain and one not to miss!

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