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Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 3

What a way to end out a massive festival with an amazing performance from Shania Twain. Was an absolutely memorable moment, to say the least!

Redhill Valleys

Opening up the day on the Front Porch stage is the Redhill Valleys. Hailing from Hamilton this band comes dressed to impress. The ladies had probably the most interesting outfits of the whole festival. They rock out showing off the skills on the instruments while making the crowd vibe.

Brittany Kennell

Brittany Kennell opens up the main stage on the single most humid day of the whole weekend. Brittany has a great presence on stage and you can tell she loves what she does with the happiness on her face. Brittany rocks that guitar and played some fan favs including a fun cover of 9 to 5 and even All I Want to do is have some fun!

5 Roses

Five Roses is up next and this duo comes to play! Jade looked absolutely stunning in her outfit while Zack was doing his best not to sweat through his shirt too much haha. They have great chemistry together and the fans ate it up. One of my favorite things is just how smooth they sound together. The first time getting to see them was back around 2018 so it was great to see the evolution.

Madison Kozak

Madison Kozak is next up and this talented young singer brings all kinds of fun to the stage. I’ve never seen her live so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Being on the big stage she had lots of space to work with and made use of it all. My favorite part of the whole set was the mix of covers like Dance with Somebody and Boot Scootin Boogie.

Andrew Hyatt

Andrew Hyatt was described as one to see for the festival and having never seen him live I made sure to go check out his set on the Front Porch Stage. I wasn’t going to be able to stage the whole set because the timing was tight for the next one but what I did catch was great. Andrew has a great sound and really has fun on that stage. Hopefully ill get the chance to enjoy a full show one of these days.

Emerging Artists

Now it’s time for the Emerging Artists. The Emerging artist class of 8 this year was pretty amazing and I got to chat with a few of them earlier in the weekend. Taylor-Rae and Owen Riegling made the finals. They both got their shot to hit the big stage and put one final tune out there for the world to hear before the winner was announced. Taylor-Rae put on a powerful performance and surprised a lot of the fans. Owen hit the stage and did his thing with his family and friends right there cheering the whole time. Congrats to Owen Riegling for clutching the win and taking home the prizes.

Priscilla Block

Now back to the regularly scheduled events with Priscilla Block on the Front Porch Stage. This was Priscilla’s first time in Canada and she joked about making sure her band was going to behave crossing the border. Priscilla and the band came right with a blue aesthetic for the whole team and started bringing the party from the second they started. She took the time to tell a story about when she goes to a bar that’s her bar for the night and followed that up with the track My Bar. Priscilla brings some swagger to the stage and the fans loved it!

Robyn Ottolini

Robyn Ottolini is next and this was a set I was looking forward to. I get to chat with a lot of musicians new and old and I have been told more than a few times that Robyn was one to see for sure. Her outfit was on point repping the Toronto Maple Leafs and the band was absolutely amazing. Robyn has a pretty badass stage presence about her and made short work of that big stage with the band along for the ride. She played some of her fan favs while sprinkling in some tidbits of stories along the way. Some of my favorite highlights were Him Problem early on in her set which she, later on, followed up with her own versions of the 90s and 2000s songs. My fav was All-Star by Smash Mouth for sure!

Tyler Rich

Closing out the Front Porch Stage is Tyler Rich. Hailing from California he brought his energy filled music to Boots and Hearts and the tent was packed. I always love to see when artists interact in some way with fans and Tyler is no exception. Between tracks, he took the time to tell some stories about music for an Ex vs music for his wife and the difference between them. He played songs old and new including a fun unreleased song about how Trucks don’t lie. This was an amazing way to end out the time on the Front Porch stage and I got to hear one of my fav songs right at the end in Leave Her Wild. One of my favs for the night.

Lindsay Ell

It’s time for Lindsay Ell to make sure the fans were warmed up the right way for the headliner for the night. The main stage is huge but that didn’t stop Lindsay. She came out wearing one of the coolest outfits of the whole weekend which if I could pull off I would (If you knew what I looked like you would laugh with that one). Lindsay is an absolute monster on the guitar and she shows it off well. Her band was right long for the ride and I will never not love a good Keytar moment. This was a great way to spend some time in the now cooler weather finally as we checked out the amazing how and even some great Choreography with the band! Bigger fan for sure.

Shania Twain

Just as things were getting ready the sky turned black and the epic rainstorm started threatening to cancel the headliner for the last day of the festival. Lucky enough the storm passed and the Queen was excited to play. For those living under a rock the Queen of Country music, Shania Twain was finally back to close out a huge return to live country music at Burls Creek. I have been a fan of Shania for a long time so needless to say this one was a highlight for me and getting to shoot some pictures was epic. She has a simple yet epic stage kit bringing vegas fell to the festival stage.

She opened with an absolutely epic version of Rock This Country with an amazing visual to go along with it. She looked absolutely stunning as she started out the party and sounded perfect live which the fans went nuts for! Her full band was the perfect accompaniment and rocked out the whole time. Shania played some of the greatest hits like Any Man of Mine and Don’t Be Stupid which you could hear miles away. Shania was all about the lady’s lineup and even had some friends backstage with Avril Lavigne and Fefe Dobson dancing and singing the whole show on the side stage.

Boots and Hearts 2022 Day 3 ended with lots of rain and some amazing music from Shania Twain. Here's to next year!

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