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Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 1: A Spectacular Start with Emerging Talent and Headlining Heroes

The Boots and Hearts Festival 2023 kicked off in sensational style on Day 1, setting the stage for an unforgettable weekend of music and camaraderie. The opening night began with the highly anticipated Emerging Artist Showcase, showcasing rising talents that are the future of country music. Among the standout performances were Darryl and Shantaia, who mesmerized the crowd with their heartfelt vocals and captivating stage presence. Both Darryl and Shantaia were also selected as finalists for the Emerging Artist Showcase and will be on the big stage Sunday!

Start the Party

As the sun set and the crowd’s excitement reached its peak, Owen Riegling took to the stage, weaving his small-town charm into his music. With the distinction of being last year’s Emerging Artist Showcase winner, Owen knew how to captivate the audience from the get-go. The atmosphere was electric as he delivered hit after hit, his voice resonating through the night air. Songs like “Nice Crowd Opening Night” and “Thinking About You Thinking About Me” had the crowd singing along with unwavering enthusiasm. Owen’s powerful performance was punctuated by his rendition of Eric Church’s classic, “Put a Drink in My Hand,” which had the crowd raising their cups high.

The festival’s momentum only grew stronger as Josh Ross took over the stage. Ross, known for his recent single “Red Flag,” brought a burst of energy that sent waves of excitement through the audience. His set was a nostalgic journey, featuring covers of beloved classics like “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder, and a spirited rendition of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69.” The crowd’s spirits were lifted even higher as Ross brought two lucky girls on stage for a shotgun beer toast, a memorable moment that had everyone cheering. The anthem “First Taste of Gone” had the whole audience singing along in harmony, while his cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls brought a touch of emotion to the night.

The evening reached its climax with a headlining performance by country star Tim Hicks. Before taking the stage, Hicks was interviewed, sharing his excitement for his sixth appearance at Boots and Hearts. When he finally stepped into the spotlight, the energy was palpable. Hicks delivered a high-octane set that left no doubt as to why he’s a fan favorite. His charismatic presence and dynamic vocals had the entire festival grounds dancing and singing along. With hit after hit, Hicks kept the momentum alive, creating a euphoric atmosphere that was the perfect end to an incredible Day 1.

Closing Day 1

Boots and Hearts 2023’s first day was a triumph of emerging talent and established performers, setting the bar high for the days to come. With the heartwarming melodies of the Emerging Artist Showcase, the infectious energy of Owen Riegling, the nostalgic vibes of Josh Ross, and the powerhouse performance of Tim Hicks, this festival promises an unforgettable experience for country music lovers. As the sun set on Day 1, the anticipation for what the rest of the weekend holds reached a fever pitch.

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