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Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 2

Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 2 was a whirlwind of emotions, electrifying performances, and unforgettable moments. The festival’s SiriusXM Front Porch Stage set the tone for the day with an impressive lineup that included Parker Graye, Teigen Gayse, Ashland Craft, and JJ Wilde. The intimate crowd at the Front Porch Stage was treated to an array of musical experiences, each artist leaving a unique mark.

SiriusXM Front Porch Stage

Parker Graye took the stage and captivated the audience with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics about relationships, particularly breakups. Interacting seamlessly with the crowd, she paved the way for Teigen Gayse, whose remarkable outfit was matched only by her guitar prowess and engaging interactions with her band.

Ashland Craft’s raspy voice resonated powerfully as she delivered her hits, even getting fans smoking along to her weed-smoking song. Her collaboration with Hardy, who graced the main stage, created an exhilarating synergy that lingered in the air.

However, it was JJ Wilde who truly stole the show at the Front Porch Stage. With an incredible stage presence and a stunning outfit, she played fan favorites that resonated deeply. Her performance served as the perfect crescendo, warming up the crowd for the main event. Big Wreck being the seasoned professionals they are shut down the night at the tent stage with some hard-hitting music and all the fan favs. A personal favorite of ours was opening with That Song.


Main Stage fun

Transitioning to the grandeur of the Big Stage, Manny Blu brought an infectious energy with his rock-infused country sound. His performance, including the crowd favorite “Train” and a captivating cover of All American Rejects “Move Along,” set the audience on fire.

Country rock aficionado Cory Marks continued the momentum, getting the crowd in the party spirit with hits like “Party” and “Keep Doing What I Do.” Bailey Zimmerman’s high-energy set followed suit, delivering energetic tracks that had the audience on their feet.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Hardy took the stage, emanating real rock energy that electrified the atmosphere. The crowd’s fervent energy mirrored his own as he performed hits like “.30-06” and movingly discussed how a personal experience reshaped his perspective on life. His tribute with a heartfelt dedication and a stunning rendition of “God’s Country” showcased his emotional depth. The sight of the US and Canadian flags, raised by a devoted fan, further united the audience.

The pinnacle of the night arrived with Nickelback’s explosive performance. The Big Stage lit up with pyrotechnics, setting the scene for a show filled with fan interaction and their greatest hits. “Animals” resonated especially deeply, leaving a lasting impression. The ingenious use of a scannable QR code to access event photos added a modern twist to the experience.

Closing day 2

Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 2 was a tapestry of emotions and musical excellence. From intimate moments at the Front Porch Stage to the explosive energy of the Big Stage, each performance left an indelible mark on the festival’s rich tapestry. With standout acts like JJ Wilde, Hardy, and Nickelback, the day was an unparalleled celebration of music’s power to unite and inspire

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