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Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 3 Review: Rain-Defying Performances, Dallas Smith and Keith Urban Rock the Night

Despite a sudden rain delay that led to a shuffled schedule and a few missed acts, the third day of Boots and Hearts 2023 turned out to be an unforgettable experience for festival-goers. The SiriusXM Front Porch Stage showcased a range of talents, making sure the energy never waned despite the unpredictable weather.

SiriusXM Front Porch Stage

Kicking off the stage was Graham Scott Fleming, whose powerful voice and full band setup set the tone for the day. Unfortunately, his set was cut short due to the rain, but not before he had the crowd moving to his music. Raquel Cole, though performing to a smaller crowd, exuded boundless energy with her Summer of 69 cover. The rain may have hindered chances for perfect photos, but it didn’t dampen the spirits.

Devon Cole’s set unfortunately fell victim to the rain delays, but rave reviews from attendees spoke volumes about his artistry. Seaforth, a duo from Sydney, Australia, stole the show with their energetic performance. With two charismatic frontmen playing off each other and an impressive backing band, they brought a unique international flair to the stage.

Breland emerged in a Shania Twain baseball jersey, a testament to his recent tour with the iconic artist. His blend of pop-country and bluesy beats, combined with impressive dance moves, kept the crowd captivated.

The Big Stage

The Big Stage saw its share of rain delays but managed to keep the crowd’s spirits high. Adam Doleac played through the rain to a small but enthusiastic audience, delivering a cover of “Story of a Girl” that resonated well.

Blanco Brown’s soulful RnB style brought a touch of Atlanta to the festival. With covers ranging from Vanessa Carlton to Michael Jackson, he demonstrated his versatility and even serenaded lucky girls in the crowd with roses. Daniel Bradbery’s vibrant performance and renditions of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Shania Twain’s “Let’s Go Girls” added an upbeat twist to the rainy evening.

Dallas Smith took the stage with his signature swag, engaging the crowd with hits like “Wasting Gas” and an unexpected cover of “Mr. Brightside.” His magnetic presence drew fans even closer, as he ventured into the pit to interact with the audience.

Closing out the night was none other than Keith Urban, who effortlessly wowed the massive crowd with his masterful guitar skills. Playing fan favorites and even venturing into the photo pit to get up close and personal with his audience, Urban’s performance was a fitting conclusion to an eventful day.

Closing day 3

Despite the rain’s attempt to steal the spotlight, Boots and Hearts 2023 Day 3 proved that the music and the spirit of the festival could not be dampened. From the diverse range of performances on the SiriusXM Front Porch Stage to the star-studded acts on the Big Stage, the day showcased resilience, passion, and the power of live music in the face of adversity.

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