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Bowling For Soup in NYC

Bowling For Soup performed at a packed Irving Plaza in New York City on Sunday, September 10th. Kicking off the show was opener Authority Zero, a Mesa Arizona-based pop punk band, with an impressive set of upbeat, energetic songs that got the crowd moving. The night continued with the second opener, MEST, who raised the energy even further, especially with their cover of Modern English’s “Melt With You” and their song “Cadillac” performed as a Medley with classic hits such as “Take Me Home Tonight” mixed in, which the crowd loved. Following, chants of “Soup there it is” rumbled through the crowd as it was finally time for Bowling for Soup to take the stage.

It's Time!

Bowling for Soup kicked off their set with their hit “Getting Old Sucks (But Everyone’s Doing It)”, which the tour is named after, followed by 2004’s hit “Almost” and fan favorite “BFFF” off their 2009 album “Sorry for Partyin”. They brought incredible energy to each of their performances, with a particularly standout performance by bassist Rob Felicetti and his impressive stage presence. Between songs, the band engaged with the crowd in witty banter, joking amongst each other, with audience members, and giving relevant anecdotes. They teased the audience for repeatedly crowd surfing in between songs, rather than during them, and in response to an excited fans call out they even addressed the age-old question – are they bowling to obtain soup, or in support of it – to obtain soup, of course.

A few moments

Some standout moments from the night included their performances of the songs Ohio (Come Back To Texas) and High School Never Ends, both of which are fan-favorite hits and skyrocketed the energy in the room. They even performed the theme song they wrote for the popular TV show “Phineas and Ferb”, to the delight of many in the crowd. They closed out their set with “Girl All The Bad Guys Want” before letting the audience choose their first encore song – “Trucker Hat” won by a landslide – and finally ended with their iconic hit “1985”.

Bowling for Soup is an American rock band from Texas that has been performing together since 1994. They will continue traveling across the United States on their “Getting Old Sucks Tour” with openers MEST and Authority Zero through October and are not a show to miss.

Photos & Story by Carly Palicz

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