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Buckcherry – Hellbound Tour

Indoor shows finally are back in Ottawa with Buckcherry – Hellbound Tour and back-to-back shows! The Diamond Mine Agency brought us the first large scale tour on the back end of the Covid crisis and let me tell you that people needed this. The Brass Monkey took on the daunting task of host for the rock concert extravaganza. No strangers to the national capital, Buckcherry was one of the last few live shows before covid hit so what a way to welcome back some great indoor music.

Buckcherry has been on the scene since the 90s making amazing rock music for one and all. My personal first introduction to the band is the smash hit Crazy Bitch which, as the name suggests, is fully of energy and excitement which had me hooked. Every time the guys come to town; I make sure I’m there to have a hell of a night.

Opening the night

Opening for the boys on back-to-back nights is Ottawa’s own Hard Labour. This weekend is set to be the band’s first time back since the lockdown and it was sure to test them. Night 1 started out right with some great energy. The boys commanded the intimate stage and rocked out with the crowd who was pushed right up to the front. They played some new and old tracks and got the crowd into the mood from the start. Night 2 packed the venue even more than the first night so the boys had to step it up and that they did. By the end of the shows there were broken guitar straps and the drummer even wore out his own shoe at the end. They certainly killed it opening the shows.

The Main event!

It is that time of the night and Buckcherry is primed to hit the stage. They wait on the side of the stage and the crowd is going nuts already. The first song on deck is the high-energy 54321 from the Hellbound album and Josh turned it up to 11. The crowd was nonstop the whole time. They sang/yelled back every word of every song and cheered every step up the way. You can tell just how much Buckcherry loves these smaller bar shows as the excitement dripped off them with the sweat with all that energy. They played the title track Hellbound and So Hott from the new album as well as crowd favs like Lit Up and Sorry.


Buckcherry is always full of energy on stage which is one of the things they are known for. Bassist Kelly LeMieux loves pulling crazy faces and interacting with his bandmates and the crowd. Guitarist Stevie D is well known for his dynamic style and amazing guitar playing. Billy Rowe keeps his skill and precision going without faltering while drummer Francis Ruiz keeps pace like a machine. Then we come to frontman Josh Todd who puts it all out there was nonstop energy from start to finish. They finished off each night with an amazing mash-up of Crazy Bitch, Summer of 69, and even Proud Mary which they all showed off a little.

In Closing

The band did a VIP meet and greet for the die hard’s before the show started and you can see just how dedicated they are. Back-to-back shows let them know just how much they were missed. One of the standout moments during the second show right before the closing was Josh stopping the show to bring out a cake for one of their crew’s birthdays and they even made him come center stage so everyone could sing happy birthday.  I loved hanging out with the guys and I look forward to seeing them next time around. Buckcherry – Hellbound Tour has a few more dates in Canada before they head back to the states to make sure you check it out.

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