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Charlotte Cardin In Ottawa

Fresh off her six Juno Award Nominations Charlotte Cardin in Ottawa blows the confetti and the roof off a sold-out crowd at TD Place on her first of 2 stops.

New West

Opening the night up was New West an Alternative/Indie band from Toronto Canada. They are a refreshing addition to the music scene blending elements of alternative and indie that create a sound that’s both introspective and energetic. New West brings amazing energy on stage you can see how much they truly love what they do. The visual aspect of their show is absolutely beautiful, the lights that synchronize with the harmonies are outstanding. Overall New West delivers a memorable experience that will resonate with fans!

Charlotte Cardin

Leading up to this show there was some possible doubt this would even take place. Charlotte had to cancel several European dates because of an illness. The day before she posts that the Ottawa faithful should not worry that she is 100% better and the show will go on!

If you were at Ottawa’s Bluesfest this past summer you would have seen Charlotte put on an amazing show. So leading up to this one you knew this was going to be a show not to miss. As the arena lights go out and the stage lights come on, emerging from the smokey lights Charlotte appears Opening with Looping she gracefully walks across the stage with smoothness and elegance.

If you are not familiar with her music, it is a captivating blend of catchy melodies, electronic beats, and soulful vocals. She brings depth and authenticity to her music allowing listeners to connect on a personal level.

This is one of the best live shows you will ever see. If you missed out on this one good news Charlotte Cardin In Ottawa will be back at TD Place for a second show on February 22, 2024.

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