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Chase Rice In Ottawa

Chase Rice brings his Get Western tour to the nations capital and did he ever Ignite the night and was it ever a bad bad day to be  a cold cold beer at the Bronson Center!!

Owen Riegling

Opening the night was up and coming country star Owen Riegling! If you are not familiar with him, Owen is from Mildmay Ontario, with an absolute amazing voice! Playing traditional country to country rock, Owen is outstanding on stage.

On stage he all smiles and brings such enthusiasm and excitement. Throughout his set he took the time to share stories and insight about other country stars who inspired him like Eric Church. Owen was a lot of fun to watch from playing covers to having the crowd chant along to his songs and even tossing shirts into the crowd he really knows how to get the crowd hyped up.  

Now that the crowd was all primed up it was time for the man of the night to hit the stage next!

Chase Rice

The atmosphere was buzzing at the Bronson Center, after Owen set the tone from his energetic performance, the stage was set for an unforgettable evening! And then the lights go out, the crowd gets loud and the lights light up the drummer. As he hits the drums the crowd gets even louder and then when you think it’s reached peek volume the crowd erupts to the loudest when Chase walks on stage. From heart-warming ballads that tugged at your heart strings to upbeats anthems that had everyone stomping their feet!


Chase delivered a flawless performance that showcased his versatility as an artist. Embodying everything that makes country music so special Chase has it all, from his rugged charm and unmistakable voice. The way he can effortlessly command the crowd attention is incredible. From playing hit after hit to a tribute to the late Toby Keith, Chase really puts on an absolutely amazing show. His band also consisting of very talented musicians who share the same passion for the genre which provided the perfect backdrop for his soulful voice and captivating stage presence. 

In conclusion Chase Rice ‘s concert is a true celebration of of all things country and a night that will be remembered by everyone for years to come. From start to finish, it was a magical night served as a testament to the enduring power of great music the connection it creates between artist and audience.

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