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Cityfolk Fest 2022 – Day 3 closes out the first weekend with some epic-level live music with JJ Wilde, Tim Hicks, and T-Pain. Wild bunch but a great night of music.

JJ Wilde

First up for day 3 is the stunning JJ Wilde. I was excited to finally get to see JJ live because based on the stories I heard, she put on a good show and did not disappoint. With a full band in tow, she took that stage with an amazingly colorful outfit and brought her signature swagger. The whole crowd loved how day 3 started. Also, I just want to say not only was she amazing, but that band was also full of energy and very enjoyable to watch and take in.

Tim Hicks

Up next is Tim Hicks. Tim is a seasoned performer so I knew we were in for a fun time. He took the time to connect with the crowd which is always great and makes the night that much more fun. He had his full band with him and they have been waiting and loved every minute of getting back to live music. Tim made sure to play some of the favs and in classic fashion songs talked about Trucks and just how good our beer is. Always great to catch Tim Live.


Closing out the night is the one and only T-Pain. Day 3 was for sure a mixed bag of headline-level artists and T-Pain brought the party right from the start. He started out with a mashup and made clean work of that whole stage rocking some epic dance moves. He has been a staple in the music scene for a long time now and whenever I get the chance to see him live I’m there because I know it’s going to be a fun night. He play all the favs and showcased the talent he’s been working on for a long time and it was a great way to end the night.

With Cityfolk Fest 2022 – Day 3 is a wrap and Day 4 starts soon with some more great music

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