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 After a few days off we have quite the Rockin lineup back at Cityfolk Fest 2022 – Day 4. With The Record Company, Matt Mays, followed by headliner Matt Anderson & The Big Bottle Of Joy.

The Record Company

On opening night 4 of the festival, we have The Record Company. Hailing from Los Angeles, this rock band came to jam! With their music influenced by blues, these guys have taken that blues inspiration and infused it with rock. 

Along with their rocking riffs, they also use tambourines and the smooth rocking sound of the harmonica in their sound. The Record Company bring their high energy to the stage and from start, to finish these guys didn’t stop! It’s no surprise to see why these guys were Grammy nominated. They are full of positive energy and all smiles on stage. The Record Company definitely set the tone for the rest of the evening! 

Matt Mays

Up next, we have Canada’s own and Juno award-winning Matt Mays! For those who don’t know, he was formally the lead singer of Matt Mays and El Torpedo from Hamilton, Ontario. In 2014, Matt won the best rock album award for his album Coyote. Matt is no stranger to rocking out at FolkFest! He knows very well that the crowd is going to bring their very best and he equally matches it. 

At one point, he got the band to stop playing to have the entire crowd sing very loud, with the echoes filling the park. Matt has an incredible stage presence and keeps you engaged the entire time. Matt Mays is an absolute rocker and you can easily see he really loves what he does.

Matt Andersen

Next, we get to our headliner of night 4, Matt Andersen & The Big Bottle Of Joy. Matt has an incredible voice and can he ever shred the guitar! With his band by his side and his lovely backup singers, this band really knows how to jam! There were smiles all across the stage as Matt makes his way to have mini jam sessions with his bandmates. 

Watching Matt play his guitar is very mesmerizing! It literally brings you joy watching him play. During Matt Mays’s set, he told the crowd that Matt Andersen will be the most beautiful live performance you’ll see. He was not wrong! It was absolutely a blast watching Matt Andersen and the Big Bottle Of Joy.

With Cityfolk Fest 2022 – Day 4 was a blast! Day 5 is going to bring a lot more fun music and great photos!

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