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Cityfolk Festival: Day 1

Cityfolk Festival 2023 kicked off with a bang on its opening night, ushering in a new era with the introduction of the Courtside Stage and an extended festival duration of 5 incredible days of music, fun, and festivities.

First up

The evening began with the electrifying performance by Busty and the Base on the festival’s main stage. The band not only played to their adoring fans but also showcased their impressive musical prowess, leaving the crowd awestruck. Their music reverberated through the air, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that had everyone grooving to the rhythm. What truly stood out was their genuine interaction with the audience, making everyone feel like part of the show.

First time Courtside

Following Busty and the Base, the Courtside Stage came to life with the spirited performance by NoBro, a talented group hailing from Montreal. The band couldn’t help but reminisce about their last appearance when they jokingly mentioned being “booed.” However, this time, they were met with nothing but love and enthusiasm from the festivalgoers. NoBro’s energetic set had the crowd on their feet, dancing and singing along. Even some of the usually stoic photographers couldn’t resist joining in the infectious groove.

The Main Event

But the pinnacle of the evening was the legendary Iggy Pop taking the main stage by storm. True to classic Iggy fashion, he went shirtless almost instantly, exuding his trademark raw and rebellious energy. Although professional photography wasn’t permitted, the experience of witnessing Iggy Pop live was nothing short of extraordinary. His performance was a whirlwind of sound and passion, leaving the audience electrified. Among the unforgettable moments, “Lust for Life” was a personal favorite, capturing the essence of Iggy Pop’s timeless artistry.

Cityfolk Festival’s Day 1 was a sensational start to what promises to be an unforgettable five-day extravaganza. With the addition of the Courtside Stage and a diverse lineup of talented artists, this year’s festival is set to deliver an unmatched musical experience. Stay tuned for more incredible performances and unforgettable moments as Cityfolk 2023 continues to rock the city!

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