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Cityfolk Festival Day 2: Arkells Shine as the Stars Align

The second night of Cityfolk 2023 brought with it an electrifying atmosphere, headlined by the incomparable Arkells. The Courtside Stage set the tone for an unforgettable evening, showcasing a lineup of talented artists that left the audience in awe.

Courtside Stage

The Courtside Stage kicked off the evening with a mesmerizing performance by Claire Coupland. Touring and promoting her latest single, “Drifting in the Breeze,” Claire delivered a smooth and captivating sound that drew the audience in.

Following her act, Red Fox took the stage with their unique Celtic sound, featuring banjo and violin players. The crowd couldn’t resist dancing and singing along to their catchy tunes. It was heartwarming to see what appeared to be both family and friends cheering them on in the crowd. Red Fox also revealed that they are currently working on a new album, exciting news for their devoted fans. This one was a show stealer for me.

Next up was the Tallest Man, who performed to a packed crowd. Despite not being the tallest man in the literal sense, he certainly had a towering presence on stage, reaching new heights with his music.

The Main Stage

As the night transitioned to the Main Stage, the excitement only continued to build. Ruby Waters took the stage, bringing a vibrant blue rock vibe. Her performance was met with thunderous applause from the fans who had already filled the front rows. The atmosphere was electric, with fans dancing and singing along to every song. The night even saw a heartwarming engagement in the front row, adding an unforgettable moment to the festival.

Following Ruby Waters, Govt Mule brought some old-school blues rock to the festival. Their vintage instruments added a touch of nostalgia, and their soulful melodies, punctuated by impressive solo breakdowns, had the crowd grooving along. It was clear that Cityfolk Festival had drawn a massive crowd for this legendary act.

Finally, the moment everyone had been eagerly awaiting arrived as Arkells took the stage. Their performance was the culmination of a citywide scavenger hunt for tickets, adding an element of excitement to their set. The band shared their anticipation for their upcoming album and delighted the crowd with a medley, including a mashup of “People’s Champ” and “Give It to Me Baby.”

The Arkells brought an incredible amount of energy to the festival, determined to surpass their sold-out TD Place show from the previous year. Lead singer Max Kerman even ventured into the crowd, hijacking a fan’s bubble gun and sharing a joyous moment with the audience.

Cityfolk Festival Day 2 was a night filled with diverse musical experiences, from smooth sounds to electrifying performances, all culminating in the unforgettable headlining act of the Arkells. This night will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of festival-goers for years to come, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next edition of Cityfolk Festival.

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