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Cityfolk Festival: Day 3

Cityfolk Festival: Day 3 brought out the rockers and headbangers for an epic night of alternative fun as legendary grunge rock band Brush takes over. To add on the night joining them on the main stage is Sven Gali and Headstones. Over on the Courtside stage was a little calmer as Canadian singer Genevieve Racette, East Coasters Villages, and The Fortunate ones  

Genevieve Racette

Opening the night on the Courtside Stage was Genevieve Racette, she is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Montreal Que. You may have seen her at Osheaga back in 2019 as she took the stage alongside City And Colour performing his song “Hello, I’m In Deleware” Genevieve has an amazing voice,  listening to her is almost like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day and has the ability to soothe your soul. She has such a captivating sound that draws you in that you can hear how it speaks to the heart rather than the mind. Genevieve opens the night with an amazing set and the next time you yearn for a moment of peace and serenity she is the one to put on.

Sven Gali

Up next on the TD stage is a Canadian rock group from Hamilton Ontario Sven Gali. These guys have been rocking together since 1987! Even though they are a little bit older they sure don’t look like it on stage, these guys came to rock and put on quite the show! With such high energy they did not stop or slow down at all, it was an all-out rockfest on stage. For being the second band to hit the stage, the energy of the crowd was through the roof! Not to the crowd having all the fun, lead singer Dave Wanless jumps off stage and makes his way into the crowd giving high fives and hugs. Sven Gali has definitely set the tone for the rest of the night and the rockers were only getting warmed up!


Up next on the Courtside stage is East Coaster from Cape Breton Island Folk Rock Quartet Villages! These guys were a lot of fun to watch. In the landscape of folk rock bands emerge Villages as storytellers that have crafting melodies. blending the raw authenticity of folk music with the amplified energy of rock. Villages instrumental sound is undeniable as their musical synergy is evident in every note. The vocal harmonies are nothing short of enchanting as the singer’s voice carries a warm, inviting quality that draws the listener in. Villages bring an extra layer of emotional depth to their music making each song more enjoyable! 


The Headstones brought an all-out rock assault to Cityfolk. Coming out swinging these guys came to rock your face off and that is exactly what they did. As they come on stage you can feel the air charge up with excitement and camaraderie, a sense of belonging to a tribe united by their love of rock music. It’s a diverse crowd, spanning generations, backgrounds, and tastes, all drawn together by the promise of an electrifying night. It did not take long before lead singer Hugh Dillon got off stage into the crowd, where he spent a good amount of time throughout the show. With each song, the connection between the band and the audience deepens, the fan’s hands raised high, shouting out lyrics while the band was putting on an electric show. The crowd is fully charged up and waiting for the last band to hit the main stage!

Fortunate ones

Closing out the Courtside Stage was the folk duo Fortunate Ones. As a folk duo, their instrumentation is refreshingly stripped down, with the acoustic guitars and gentle harmonies taking center stage. The vocal harmonies they bring are very soothing and enchanting delivering a very heartfelt and sincere emotional connection with the audience. Their stage presence is very magnetic, they have the ability to draw you with every note but at the same time let the music carry you away into bliss.  


Closing out night 3 at Cityfolk Fest is legend Grunge Rockers BUSH! Formed in 1992, these guys have been rocking the stage worldwide since and tonight was no different. Opening the night with Identity, the drums start kicking with thunderous booms. With each strike, the lights flash in unison. Out come the rest of the band and then they kick off into rhythmic furry. The electric energy surges through the crowd as they have been waiting all night to see Bush, a rock show is more than a musical performance, it is an immersive experience and that is what BUSH brings to you. Bush brings a visual spectacle stunning lighting effects and a charismatic performance that creates an atmosphere like no other. Bush takes transports you back to the 90s to the gritty, rebellious era, that fills you with nostalgia and yet feels like you are listening to them for the first time ever.  This is the grunge rock concert you’ll be telling you’re friends and co-workers about for a long time.

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