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Cityfolk Festival Day 4: Kaleo Headlines an Unforgettable Night

The fourth day of the Cityfolk Festival was a mesmerizing blend of music and emotions, and headliner Kaleo certainly didn’t disappoint. From the opening acts to the grand finale, the crowd was treated to a night of unforgettable performances that left everyone in awe.

Courtside Stage

Kristine St. Pierre kicked off the evening with her enchanting presence. The crowd, in a relaxed and chill mood, was immediately captivated by her great sound, which seamlessly weaved between French and English. With the sun setting behind her, minimal added lighting was needed to set the mood, making for a truly picturesque start to the show. Kristine’s performance was not just a concert; it was a great storyline that unfolded with each note.

Andrea Romolo continued the night with her touching performance, sharing a beautiful storyline as she performed alongside bandmates and a drummer from an Italian band she had traveled with on tour. The stage was bathed in beautiful lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere that allowed the crowd to fully embrace the music, swaying along to the deep and powerful vocals. Andrea’s performance was a true testament to the power of live music and connection.

Allison Russell brought an explosive energy to the courtside stage, commanding the largest crowd of the evening. Her powerful vocals and rhythmic band had everyone dancing and clapping along. As the music flowed, so did the crowd, and the synergy between the artist and audience was palpable. Russell’s storytelling was woven seamlessly into her songs, creating a buildup of energy that resonated deeply with the crowd.

Main Stage

Mikhail Laxton¬†brought his unique country/folk style to the stage. His beautiful acoustic tones resonated through the venue, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Mikhail’s Australian Native American heritage added an intriguing cultural twist as he taught the fans to say “hello” in his native language. The beautiful lighting design accentuated his performance, particularly during “Dying to Let You Go,” a song with an alcohol-themed storyline that had the crowd swaying and clapping along.

David Kushner took the stage by storm, creating a moment of anticipation as the lights dimmed before his arrival. The crowd erupted with excitement as he walked on stage, and his ability to connect with the audience was evident. Each song came with an explanation of its meaning, adding depth to the performance and allowing the crowd to connect on a personal level. Dancing, hugging, and sing-alongs were the order of the night, with David even venturing into the pit to touch the hands of his adoring fans, leaving one lucky fan with a memorable keepsake.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived as Kaleo took the stage in dramatic lighting, igniting a frenzy among the crowd. His raw and soulful vocals were nothing short of magical, with fans eagerly singing along to every word. The lighting design transitioned to a deep red, setting a different mood that captivated everyone. Though there wasn’t much movement on stage, Kaleo’s presence alone was enough to keep the crowd wild and immersed in his music.

In conclusion, Cityfolk Festival Day 4 was an unforgettable night of music and emotions. Each artist delivered exceptional performances that left a lasting impression on the crowd, and Kaleo’s headlining act was the perfect culmination of an incredible evening. From the storytelling to the powerful vocals and the enchanting lighting, this festival day was truly one for the books

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