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Cityfolk Festival Day 5 Review: Hozier Shines as the Grand Finale

Cityfolk Festival Day 5l was nothing short of spectacular, with a lineup that left the audience captivated from start to finish. The day was filled with musical brilliance, and it all culminated in a mesmerizing performance by none other than Hozier, who closed out the festival with a bang.

The Courtside

Over on the Courtside stage, festival-goers were treated to a delightful tribute to the legendary Ray Charles, led by the talented Jeff Rogers. Jeff, a respected figure in Ottawa’s music scene, added another feather to his cap with this stellar performance. The tribute featured some of the greatest songs ever written, delivered by an ensemble of incredibly talented musicians. It was a musical journey that left the audience in awe.

The Main Stage

Kicking off the festivities on the main stage was the soulful and dynamic Julian Taylor. Having recently had the pleasure of interviewing Julian, I had high expectations for his live performance. As he took center stage under the bright sunlight, he immediately commanded the attention of the already sizable crowd. Taylor’s soulful energy and powerful presence were nothing short of mesmerizing, reaffirming why he boasts such a devoted fanbase. It was a treat to witness his musical prowess live.

Following Julian Taylor’s captivating set, it was time for the highly anticipated X Ambassadors to take the stage. Despite having never seen them perform live, I had heard their songs countless times on the radio and TV. From the very first note, the crowd erupted with excitement, and the energy soared to new heights. Frontman Sam Harris was a true showman, bringing an electrifying party atmosphere to the stage. The crowd sang, danced, and screamed in unison throughout the entire performance. X Ambassadors effortlessly delivered fan favorites and succeeded in building immense anticipation for the festival’s grand finale.

And what a finale it was! Closing out the Cityfolk Festival with an unforgettable performance was none other than Hozier. The moment the lights dimmed and the first note resonated, the crowd exploded with enthusiasm. There’s often a question of whether an artist can live up to the studio recordings, but Hozier exceeded all expectations with an outstanding live show. Surprisingly, he didn’t rely on excessive energy; instead, he let his music do the talking. The audience remained fully engaged throughout, as Hozier interacted with fans and expressed his joy at performing on the Cityfolk stage. It came as no surprise that Hozier attracted an enormous crowd, creating a perfect ending to a weekend filled with incredible music.

In closing, Cityfolk Festival Day 5 was a musical journey that showcased the talents of both established and rising artists. Julian Taylor, Jeff Rogers, X Ambassadors, and Hozier each left an indelible mark on the festival, ensuring that the audience was treated to a day filled with soulful melodies, heartfelt tributes, and electrifying performances. Hozier’s closing act was the cherry on top of an unforgettable musical experience, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting the next Cityfolk Festival.

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