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Cole Swindell Tour In Ottawa

On Saturday evening Country fans in Ottawa were doing one of two things: either relaxing on a beautiful evening during the first long weekend of summer ‘24, Or driving along the 417 to experience Cole Swindell’s “Win the Night Tour” in the sweet seats of the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. With crowds of happy people pooling in, and unforgettable Vocals from all 3 Performing Artists on the agenda, this was a night to experience the raw talent these artists brought.

Meghan Patrick

Meghan Patrick, a Bowmanville, Ontario born and raised Artist “kicked” off the night with her powerful vocals and thrilling moves on the stage. It did not go unnoticed, that through her words and her music, Meghan made sure all of her fans and the CTC Crew knew that she was unbelievably grateful for all the support and love from everyone who came out that night.

The set list included songs like “Country Music Made Me Do It” and “Wild as Me” There was no shortage of energy and a true passion flowed from each chord played on her beautiful acoustic guitar. As her set came to a bittersweet end, Meghan Patrick, left everyone craving more of her soothing Southern Twang and deep rich Harmonica tones. No matter who walked into that building, they walked out a Meghan Patrick fan.

Dylan Scott

After a solid performance from the beautiful Meghan Patrick, Dylan Scott started his set with one of his all-time fan favorites, “Livin’ My Best Life.” With all the fans rising from their seats, phones lit up the stadium, and the ice level became a dance floor. Dylan knew how to get the place riled up! His vibrant vocals mixed with his stage performance left his fans, and me, in awe. Dylan took the time to thank his friends, family, and fans for all their support and love. They sure felt the love and gratitude as he left the stage.

Cole Swindell

The crowd filled the Canadian Tire Centre with chants and cheers as the lights went off and Cole Swindell hit the stage. People jumping, screaming, and clenching their palms in anticipation as the lights hit Cole Swindell’s Classic Ottawa Senators jersey. It was a sight I’ll never forget; the sound of his deep, broad voice and his smooth movements as the fans reach for his hand will be etched into the minds of all who were there to experience this fantastic show.

With his band to the lighting crew, Cole’s performance made it feel like you were in a movie, with the big screen behind showing vibrant skies and scenes. Cole also showed his love for the crowd and his fans, ensuring they knew they were welcome anytime to his shows. Cole’s performance had everyone in a daze, pouring his soul into his Music. He ensured that when he walked off that stage, everyone would go home with a piece of him.

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