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Comedic Cody sells out his hometown show!

Comedic Cody sells out his hometown show, and boy was it a fun night! Cody Smith is most popularly known as Comedic Cody on TikTok. Cody started TikTok back in 2020 and has gained a following of 5 million on TikTok and 220k on Instagram, most known for book cover modeling, comedy tours, and his very popular character “Rodney” and more. Cody has done collaborations with Tecovas, Carhart, BootBarn, and more! Skrewball Whiskey is a proud sponsor of Cody and his “Cheaper Than Therapy” tour, they made an appearance with a table set up to give fans some free merch!

Getting Started

Opening the night, Cody thanked everyone for coming out then proceeded to dive straight in by roasting his hometown since a lot of his family, friends, and folks he grew up with were in the crowd this night supporting. Safe to say, the crowd was absolutely loving it and those may have been the loudest laughs I’ve heard. I’ve had the opportunity to see several of his shows now and I can confidently say that they get better every show! Cody knows exactly how to work for a crowd and keep them engaged the entire time, considering this night he went on for two hours!

Ending the night, Cody received a standing ovation followed by one of the Alta Vista members presenting Cody with his tour photo printed in a frame that everyone in the crowd had gotten the chance to sign to show just how much he means to everyone! If you have the chance to catch one of Cody’s shows, I strongly recommend doing so. Not only is he a talented comedian but he is such a down-to-earth guy and will win you over right away. He will be on the road the rest of this year with dates still to be announced!

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